15 of the Best Electric Tea Kettles for Making a Soothing Cuppa in a Flash

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When it comes to self-care, nothing is more soothing than snuggling up with a book, your favorite throw blanket and a steamy cup of tea. But to get a hot cuppa in a flash, you’re going to want to use the best electric tea kettle—which, let’s be honest, will probably have an edge over your old stovetop version. Not only will it bring your water to a boil lickety-split, but some even offer temperature options, so you can make like Goldilocks and get it just right for your favorite leaf type—something that tea connoisseurs know is super important for maximizing flavor.

How We Chose the Best Electric Tea Kettle

We thoroughly researched tons of electric kettles to find 15 that will work for your lifestyle based on their aesthetic, features and performance. Our top options will not only boil quickly (and at the exact temp you want), but are efficient, hold enough water for a tea party the Mad Hatter himself would be jealous of and won't burn you or be unsafe. Better yet, they won't be eyesores on your counter.

How Do Electric Tea Kettles Work?

Electric kettles work similarly to hot plates. Inside each one is a metal coil that electrical energy travels through when the kettle is turned on in order to create heat, and ultimately, warm the cold water inside. It's more efficient than heating water with gas, as electrical energy heats up faster.

How Fast Do Electric Tea Kettles Boil Water?

The speediness with which your kettle will boil water depends on several factors, including the wattage of the internal heater, the temperature you want your water to boil at, the starting temperature of your water and the amount of H20 you put into the kettle.

For example, if you put 16 ounces of hot water into a kettle, you can safely assume that it's going to boil faster than 40 ounces of cold water. Generally, most electric kettles will reach their boiling point in roughly two-and-a-half to five minutes—a big improvement over the ten to 15 minutes it could take your stovetop kettle to do the same. Additionally, if you set your kettle at a lower boiling point, it will take less time.

The Best Electric Tea Kettles at a Glance

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Best Overall

1. Breville IQ Electric Tea Kettle


  • Why We Love It: Five temp options, speedy heating, holds temperature
  • Water Capacity: 64 ounces

While all electric kettles can boil water, we think this one from Breville is superior because it has five preset brewing temperatures with indicators of what each temperature is ideal for (green tea, black tea, etc.). With a 1500-watt internal heater and a stainless-steel construction, it's a sturdy option that will boil water faster than most and keep it warm for a good long while, thanks to the handy “hold temp” button. It also holds a hefty 64 ounces, though we recommend not filling it up more than you need for the speediest boil.

Best Electric Gooseneck Kettle

2. Fellow Stagg Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Fellow Stagg

  • Why We Love It: Chic aesthetic, precise temp control, pointed spout for easy pouring
  • Water Capacity: 30.4 ounces

Ideal for not only tea, but slowly pouring water for pour-over coffee, this gooseneck design, which comes in four chic matte finishes, is absolutely stunning, if you ask us. (Seriously, who wouldn’t want this sitting on their countertop?) Aesthetics aside, it also has a 1200-watt internal heater and to-the-degree temperature control for the perfect boil for your leaves or beans. The sleek, pointed spout reportedly gives you more precision, too, for a pour that’s similar to a gardening can.

Best Budget Electric Tea Kettle

3. Hamilton Beach 40901 Electric Tea Kettle

Hamilton Beach

  • Why We Love It: Audible auto shut-off, great value, efficient heating
  • Water Capacity: 33.8 ounces

Tea fanatics on a budget will adore this inexpensive option from Hamilton Beach. While it has no temperature options, it gets the job done in a flash. Buyers say the 1500-watt heating element is efficient, and it has an automatic shut-off (complete with a ding), so you’ll always have peace of mind when using it.

Best Retro Electric Kettle

4. Smeg '50s Retro Electric Kettle


  • Why We Love It: Cool retro design, auto shut-off, heat-proof handle
  • Water Capacity: 54.4 ounces

Smeg is known for its absolutely adorable retro designs, and you can bring one into your home for less than $200 in the form of this electric kettle. Don't let its old-school appearance fool you, however: It's got plenty of modern features. There's the heat-proof handle, for one thing. The removable limescale filter, another. And on those days you have to leave the house in a hurry, you can rest assured that the automatic shut-off has your back.

Best Electric Teapot Kettle

5. Chantal Mia Electric Tea Kettle


  • Why We Love It: Classic look, lots of color options
  • Water Capacity: 32.5 ounces

Those who particularly enjoy the service that goes along with drinking tea will find that this is the electric kettle for them. It has that classic teapot look (in your choice of ten colors, no less), and brings water swiftly to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Not to mention, there’s an auto shut-off feature.

Best Temp Control Electric Kettle

6. Beautiful by Drew Barrymore Electric Tea Kettle

Beautiful by Drew Barrymore

  • Why We Love It: Touchscreen display, four temp presets, cool-touch exterior
  • Water Capacity: 56.8 ounces

With room for 56.8 ounces and a 60-minute post-brew warming setting, you’ll never be without hot water for your chai—at least if this kettle has anything to do with it. The digital touchscreen display is about as high-tech as it gets, and it's got (count 'em!) four temperature presets, so you can choose your ideal leaf temp with a quick press of the screen. (Did we mention the display will only illuminate when needed?)

Best Basic Electric Tea Kettle

7. Cuisinart JK-17P1 Electric Tea Kettle


  • Why We Love It: No-frills design, cool-touch base, backlit window
  • Water Capacity: 57.5 ounces

Sometimes, you just want a no-frills option that will boil water faster than your old beat-up teapot did without requiring too much thought. This one from Cuisinart has a single-boil option, a cool-touch base and holds a respectable 57.5 ounces. Plus, you can see exactly how much water is left is in there thanks to backlit window.

Best Electric Glass Kettle

8. Oxo Brew Electric Glass Kettle


  • Why We Love It: Watch it boil, large capacity, no slip grip
  • Water Capacity: 59.17 ounces

The fun of a glass kettle is that you get to watch the water bubble and boil—aka, you can guesstimate down to the second when it will be done. This one boasts a large 59.17-ounce capacity, an automatic shut-off and has a no-slip grip to reduce any accidents. It has a sleek look to it and boils water very quickly, according to many happy Amazon reviewers.

Most Stylish Electric Tea Kettle

9. Bella Electric Tea Kettle


  • Why We Love It: Gorgeous tile pattern, boil dry protection
  • Water Capacity: 40.58 ounces

With a lovely silver tile pattern and a gooseneck spout, this ceramic tea kettle is destined for a tea party. While it's on the smaller side, it still covers all the bases with its respectable 40.58-ounce capacity and 1200-watt heating element. And while there’s an automatic shut-off, like many of the picks on our list, the Bella will do you one better with its boil dry protection. Basically, if your tank is running low on water, whether it's in operation or not, this feature will turn off the machine.

Best Small Electric Kettle

10. Dash Electric Tea Kettle


  • Why We Love It: Powerful heater, temp control, vacuum insulation
  • Water Capacity: 57.48 ounces

When it comes to living in small spaces, it’s all about making the most of your space. Like most Dash appliances, the company's electric tea kettle has a super compact build that won't clutter your countertop. But don't mistake its size for power: It can boil water for a soothing cup of chamomile after a stressful work day with the best of 'em thanks to its powerful 1500-watt heater (one of the highest on our list). You can choose the exact boiling temperature from its base, and it's vacuum-insulated to keep it piping hot once it's done.

Best Stainless-Steel Electric Kettle

11. Corosi Electric Gooseneck Kettle


  • Why We Love It: Leak-proof, five temperature presets, warming feature
  • Water Capacity: 27 ounces

This leak-proof design has a 100 percent stainless-steel interior that won't change the flavor of your beverage. What's more, it's got five temperature presets to help you get it just right—and keep it hot for up to 60 minutes, according to the company. 60 minutes of bliss with a three minute or less heat-up time? Consider us sold.

Best Large Electric Kettle

12. Mueller M99s Electric Tea Kettle


  • Why We Love It: Holds a lot of water, LED light, boil dry protection
  • Water Capacity: 60.87

As the electric kettle with the second-largest capacity on our list (it holds 60.87 ounces!), this is great for those with big families—aka more than one cup to fill. Its rapid boiling rate results in fresher tasting water, according to the company, and there's an intelligent auto-shutoff feature that can detect whether or not there's water inside. Other bonus features? The anti-slip handle and glow-from-within LED light that brightens the glass frame in low visibility.

Most Classic Electric Tea Kettle

13. Hamilton Beach 40998 Electric Kettle

Hamilton Beach

  • Why We Love It: Fill lines, mesh filter, auto shut-off
  • Water Capacity: 33.81 ounces

This classic, cord-free option allows you to monitor the amount of water you're pouring with its convenient see-through window. Its removable mesh filter prevents any deposits from getting into your drink, and it has auto shut-off and boil-dry protection features to keep things safe. Who needs a microwave with this bad boy around?

Most Unique Electric Tea Kettle

14. Nostalgia WK17AQ Electric Tea Kettle


  • Why We Love It: Cool design, functional thermometer, cord storage
  • Water Capacity: 57.48 ounces

Throw it back to the '70s with this cute electric kettle in a retro mint green. (Kitty Forman would be over the moon.) It holds up to an impressive 56 ounces at a time, and it comes with an old-fashioned but fully functional thermometer. There's boil-dry protection, a space for the cord at the base of the kettle and it also comes with an easy to use 360-degree rotational base to keep burn marks off your countertop.

Most Versatile Electric Kettle

15. Cuisinart CPK-17P1 Electric Kettle


  • Why We Love It: Six temperature settings, keep warm button, memory function
  • Water Capacity: 57.48 ounces

This electric kettle is equipped with an unheard of six temperature presets and a handy "keep warm" button for multitaskers. The thing that's most impressive about this innovative device, however, is that you can remove it from its base for up to two whole minutes, and it will manage to remember what you've programmed it to do when you put it back. We also love its backlit water window.

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