14 of the Best Closet Hangers for Next-Level Organization

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We're going to let you in on a little well-known secret: A closet is only as organized as the hangers found within it. While they may seem basic enough—generally, there's a hook for your closet rod and a base from which to hang your clothes—closet hangers vary drastically when it comes to their material and features. With everything from tubular designs, for which to slip your slacks in, to simple, hanging rods that are lined with textured rubber so that your delicates stay in place, it can be more difficult than you think to choose the right option for your space. If you’re not sure where to start, fret not: We’ve scoured the internet for the best closet hangers with durable materials, ample room for clothes storage and unique hanging properties that will make laundry day something you actually—gasp!—look forward to.

What Are the Best Hangers for Your Closet?

You’ll encounter numerous hanger materials in your quest for organization, and each one has its own unique properties.

  • Plastic: Plastic is a common choice when it comes to closet hangers, because it’s relatively cheap to produce and buy, yet adequately supports the weight of most garments.In addition, they rarely leaves creases and are also rust-proof. However, plastic hangers are likely to become disfigured over time under the weight of heavier items, such as coats and suits.

  • Wood: Wood does a better job of holding up heavier garments. It's also a great way to keep your home tidy if you’re going for a rustic or farmhouse aesthetic. It's a more sustainable approach to closet organization, and will hold its shape better than more malleable materials, like metal wire. The downside? These hangers can be on the pricier side.

  • Velvet: Velvet won't just look glamorous lining the perimeter of your closet, it can also help preserve your clothing, since it’s soft and non-abrasive. Opt for velvet when hanging delicate items like gowns, lingerie and scarves. Keep in mind that velvet hangers are likely to attract dust, though, so they should be cleaned regularly.

  • Satin: Perfect for lightweight delicates such as silk, satin hangers look chic and prevent damage and creasing. They aren't ideal for heavier garments, however—like your outerwear.

  • Metal: As anyone who's ever seen Mommie Dearest knows, wire hangers, while widely available, are less than ideal, as they can lose their shape when paired with heavier garments, rust (which in turn, can stain clothing) and also stretch out beloved tops and sweaters.

Closet Hanger Features to Look For

When shopping for closet hangers, it's best to look for features that will make your life easier. As you’ve likely noticed, hangers vary from short and narrow styles to long and tall ones. You’ll want to have narrower ones on hand for small items, like children’s clothing and scarves, and wider hangers for more oversized clothing. Sizing also depends on the amount of closet space you’ll be working with.

In addition, you'll want to consider the hanger's functionality.

  • Bottom bars: Hangers boasting tubular designs at the bottom are among the most popular on the market, since you can hang blouses and jackets from the top and slip pants through the bottom rung.
  • Clips: Just like a clip you’d use to seal a chip bag in your pantry, hanger clips can keep hard-to-hang items, like skirts, shorts and sleeveless tops, in place without letting them sliding around.

  • Notches: Certain hangers feature small notches at the top that can be used to keep dainty pieces, like tank tops, from slipping and sliding off.

The Best Closet Hangers at a Glance

closet hangers zober

1. Zober Wooden Closet Hangers with Clips

Best overall closet hangers

These hangers, made of natural solid wood, feature metal clips with a nonslip rubber grip at the end to dangle skirts, slacks and other hard-to-hang items from. The adjustable, anti-rust chrome metal will stay shiny for years, and, when pushed out, they support clothing up to 12.75 inches wide (10 inches when pushed in). A rotating hook also ensures you can hang your items in any direction you please.

2. Funamily Wooden Hangers with Clips

Editor's pick

These ones were our Commerce Director's pick because of their smart and thoughtful design. Not only do these hangers, which are made of a tough beechwood, lay horizontally or vertically when you're in need of more space, you can adjust the spacing of the clips to better hold your skirts and bottoms. Each one holds four items, and the hooks rotate a full 360 degrees for easy access.

closet hangers house day

3. House Day Closet Hangers With Clips

Best plastic hangers

These cheap and cheerful hangers are made from a heavy-duty clear plastic that won’t lose its shape over time. They also have clips at each end, each of which features two tight clasps that can adjust to the width of your desired garment, be it a pair of socks or a skirt. Better yet? The hook rotates by a full 360 degrees for easy closet placement.

closet hangers zober

4. Zober Pants Hangers With Clips

Best velvet hangers

If you’re not looking to spend a ton but still want to let your delicates take center stage, treat yourself to this 20-pack of velvet hangers, which are available in fun shades, like turquoise and blush. Each one comes with two metal rust-resistant chrome clips to hold up to 7 pounds' worth of pants and skirts. They can also be adjusted. Like the other options we've listed, these have that 360-degree swivel hook to make hanging clothes a cinch.

closet hangers titan

5. Titan Mall Closet Hangers With Clips

Best cheap hangers

Fewer things are worse than finding a free hanger in your closet, only to realize it's the wrong type to hold your garment. These best-selling hangers, which are just right for bottoms, have a 360-degree rotating hook and come in a pack of 30. Their larger-than-usual clips can grip onto just about anything for dear life—without leaving marks behind. They're made of a thick, durable plastic, and, at 12 inches wide, they can hold onto a couple of items at once.

best closet hangers wooden hangers

6. Casafield Wooden Hangers

Best wooden hangers

These curved, high-quality hangers come with a solid walnut finish in a convenient pack of 20. While they'll work to hold a vast array of clothing items, as they all come with a reinforced, anti-slip bar from which to hang pants and skirts and notches to keep your strapped pieces from falling off, their hefty build is best-suited for heavier items, like coats and suits.

closet hangers ieoke

7. Ieoke Closet Hangers With Clips

Best metal hangers

These pants hangers are made of rust-resistant zinc alloy plating, which makes for a durable alternative to plastic. They're adjustable to suit the width of your pants, and the rubber works neatly here in two ways: Rubber edges at the sides of the hangers prevent you from injuring yourself on the otherwise sharp metal, while rubber at the base of each clip helps to optimize its holding power. They’re lightweight, thin enough to maximize space in your closet and an all-around great bet for keeping clothes crisp.

closet hangers ms

8. Martha Stewart California Closets The Everyday System Hangers

Most practical hangers

We all know the frustration inherent in hanging a blouse, only to watch it immediately fall to the ground. These lotus wood hangers from the queen of home organization herself have notched corners that are meant to prevent your clothes from slipping off while simultaneously maintaining their shape. A set of 20, these holders come in either a chic white or a classy gray to match the mood of your room. Reviewers also claim they're lightweight, elegant and well-made.

closet hanger elon home

9. Elong Home Cedar Wood Hangers

Best cedar hangers

These environmentally friendly hangers are made from 100 percent red cedar and feature a smooth, hand-polished finish to prevent them from snagging your most precious garments. The material also comes with a built-in bonus, as red cedar is known to have natural oils that can help deter moths from laying their eggs in your closet—at least as long as the scent lasts (it dissipates over time). Still, Elong Home also claims the smell will be a pleasant one for humans The hanger hook also rotates a convenient 360 degrees.

closet hangers rebrilliant

10. Rebrilliant Sequined Hangers

Best sequin hangers

Who said organizing your closet had to be boring? These fun, glittery hangers are far from it, but don’t be fooled: Underneath all that glitz and glam, they're actually constructed with sturdy hardwood. Coming in frosty silver, chunky gold or pretty pink, they'll be perfect for a little girl’s room, or simply anyone who wants to relive their bedazzled days.

closet hangers squared away
Bed Bath & Beyond

11. Squared Away Deluxe Wooden Coat Hangers

Best hanger with a tie bar

This hanger is made with a smooth walnut finish, and comes with a genius square bar accessory that allows you to slip in a tie (or scarf. Or belt.) underneath. Even better, shoppers report that it's larger, wider and heavier than your run-of-the-mill holder, making it ideal for suit jackets.


12. Perfecasa Wooden Hangers

Smoothest closet hangers

Can’t stand that unpleasant squeaking noise that so many hangers seem to make when you adjust them even slightly? Take a look at these ones, which come in a pack of 20. They have a stainless-steel, soft-coated hook in a complementary black tone that will allow you to move your clothes around without noise. You can choose from a true white, a cool gray or a natural wooden design, and each one can hold up to 10 pounds. Better yet, their beechwood base is eco-friendly.

closet hangers moralve

13. Moralve Wooden Hangers

Best space-saving closet hangers

You won't have to sacrifice smooth, crisp clothes for space thanks to these unique hangers. Available in a set of four, these durable, beechwood holders have six clothing hooks each, allowing for up to 24 pieces of clothing per pack. They’re eco-friendly, won’t wrinkle your garments and have encased loops to ensure pieces don’t slide off.

best closet hangers tier rack

14. Osto 5-tier Metal Hanger Rack

Best clothes hanger rack

The thing about hangers is that they do a great job if occupying horizontal space in your closet—but what about the several inches of unused space that dip down to your floor? This five-tier rack allows you to hang pants or skirts vertically. It comes in a pack of three or six, making for up to 30 hangers in one. Bonus: Stacking clothing on these allows you to keep inventory of your closet at a glance, making it easier to rid it of clutter.

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