The Best Candles to Match Your Vibe, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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When it comes to candles, the options are endless, and choosing the perfect one online can feel a bit like throwing darts in the dark. Do you go with something seasonal you've never used before or stick to a tried-and-true favorite you have way too many empty jars of? If you’re finding yourself stuck in a rut, we're here to tell you that there is an easier way to choose the best candles to match your vibe: Why not let your Zodiac sign be your guiding light?

Whether you're ruled by earth or fire, are a Scorpio or a Sagittarius, your astrological sign can direct you to the pick that what will make you most zen. A homebody Cancer, for instance, might love cozying up with a candle that reminds them of, well, home, while a fiery Leo deserves a scent that goes with their aura (yep, we're talking Capri Blue's Volcano). When looking for the best candles for each Zodiac sign, we not only contemplated scent, but each one's ingredient quality and wick strength to allow for the most optimal burn times.

Below, find the 12 options we think will be totally *you.*

best candles boy smells

1. Boy Smells Ash Candle


As the first sign in the zodiac constellation, Aries people are ready to light up the world with their fierce, empowered energy. This Ash candle plays to their sign's element of fire with notes of burnt charcoal, dry hay and charred clove for a uniquely bold scent that will match an Aries in personality. With a reported 50-hour burn time, this all-natural coconut and beeswax pick is one they can revel in for days to come, too.

best candles zodiac sweetwater

2. Sweet Water Décor Leaves Candle


Any chance for grounding will appease earthy Taurus, and this candle encapsulates the essence of freshly fallen leaves. Marrying an intoxicating blend of apples, berries, oranges and cinnamon, it will allow the bull to truly indulge in nature's splendors, making for the kind of nice, serene evening this pleasure-seeking sign often longs for.

best candles zodiac signs coco benjamin

3. Coco Benjamin Basil, Neroli & White Musk Candle


The sign with “two faces” is sure to enjoy the contrasting sweet and spicy elements of this soy candle. Between the zest of its basil, the sweetness of its neroli and the smokiness of its white musk, this pick will keep this ever-moving air sign guessing every time they light it up—maybe even long enough to relax a little.

candles cancer

4. Homesick Cancer Candle


Homesick has an entire collection of astrology-themed candles, but it's the sweet, beachy scent of this one that will soothe the soul of any Cancer after a tough day. As a sign that's naturally drawn to the water, the crab will love this candle's hints of iris flower, water lilies and patchouli, which will help to lower this sign's traditionally hard shell. Its frank, resolute name will also appease the indecisive Cancer.

candles capri

5. Capri Blue Volcano Mercury Glass Jar Candle


Leos are known to be the center of attention. When they need to recharge from all that popularity, this Capri Blue Volcano candle will be the perfect thing to unwind with. Not only does its esteem match the Leo's own (it's known as *the* scent of Anthropolgie), the sweet, citrusy fragrance is fun and uplifting, just like its matching star sign. Even the peekaboo nature of the mercury jar has parallels to a Leo, as it will have the candle "dancing" all night long.

candles woodwick

6. Woodwick Linen Candle


The sight of an unmade bed or dishes in the sink might make the perfectionist Virgo squirm, but the fresh scent of linen that this candle gives off just might calm them right back down. It has a naturally wooden wick to mimic the relaxing sound of a crackling fire, and it burns for up to 22 hours, according to the company. Light it to work through an entire week’s worth of chores.

best candles zodiac signs paddywax

7. Paddywax Spark Pink Peony Coconut Candle


The even scales of Libras scream "peace and harmony," and this candle will appeal to both. Its sweet, floral scent is balanced with citrus zest and leafy greens that will help to ground this air sign, and the attractive jar with the words “Pretty please” in a lovely shade of rose will beckon to their beauty-loving nature. Better yet, the vessel can double as décor once it's been burned down.

candles swag

8. Swag Brewery Vintage Merlot Wine Candle


Scorpios can unleash their sultry side courtesy of this merlot-inspired candle, which comes housed in a recycled wine bottle. With the essence of grapes and berries, this jammy pick is hand-poured with a lead-free wick for a burn time of what the company claims is up to 40 hours. Light it to help calm the deep emotions of this astrological sign down.

candles otherland

9. Otherland Sun Suede Vegan Candle


The optimistic Sagittarius will adore the bright scents of this vegan Otherland candle. With spicy smells of salty saffron, pink peppercorn and white suede, it will be just what this fire sign needs to take on the day. It's also cruelty-free, which bodes well for the biggest animal lover in the zodiac (they are half horse, after all!).

candles intention

10. Project 62 Intention Candle


Since Capricorns tend to be go, go, go and never take time for themselves, they need some serious zen. The Palo Santo and thyme in this candle will be idyllic for this workaholic to come back down to earth—their rightful element. The name of it—Intention—says it all, as this candle can be used for grounding and connecting to what’s actually important.

candles roses

11. Diptyque Roses Candle


Everything will be coming up roses for the idealistic Aquarius with this Diptyque candle from France, which will make their entire home smell like a big bouquet of flowers. For a sign that’s full of contradictions, the smell will also be a constant they can count on.

candles nest

12. Nest Fragrances Ocean Mist & Sea Salt Candle


Mermaids are basically synonymous with Pisces, which is why the water sign will be glowing as their room is filled with the familiar scent of ocean mist and sea salt from this fragrant candle. It also has undertones of white tea and coconut for a subtle addition that's reminiscent of the beach.

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