Candle Warmers Are Trending—Here Are 8 That Will Make Your Home Smell Amazing

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Our house doesn't properly feel like a home until it's been well-cleaned and then scented with our favorite candle or design-forward diffuser. While we love the wide variety of candles we've collected, we were given pause when we thought about the danger of open flame (according to CozyBerry, every year 18,600 house fires are caused by candles). That's when we discovered candle warmers, the way to safely enjoy our candles in a soot-free, stable manner.

What is a Candle Warmer?

Candle warmers are plug-in heating devices that warm the wax in a candle in order to diffuse the scents trapped in the wax without heating the wax with a flame. There are two main methods: The first is via a top-down lamp that directs a focused stream of light downward into the candle, melting the wax from above. The second method is a bottom-up means of melting the candle wax, in users set their candle atop a small heating tray, and the candle warmer melts the candle from below.

What are the Advantages of Candle Warmers?

First and most importantly, a gust of air isn't going to misdirect a candle flame in your home, so that's no chance of setting your bedroom on fire in case you doze off with the candle on. Secondly, the scent created from inches of melted wax is more intense than that of a melted candle, so you get more aroma for your effort. Additionally, there's none of that annoying soot released when you blow out a candle, so using a candle warmer is cleaner. Additionally, many of the bottom-up wax melting models are being used as coffee warmers, too. Here are our choices for the models you need to check out.

The Best Candle Warmers At A Glance

17 of the Best Scented Candles to Make Your House Smell Heavenly

1. Cozyberry Querencia Candle Warmer Lamp

Best Luxury Candle Warmer

The modern design of this top-down warmer lamp are elegant, but this 1.5-pound warmer is a real workhorse. In minutes, the candle’s small pool of melted wax releases a subtle scent; in an hour, though, your candle’s top two inches of wax will be melted, wafting enough scent for a whole room.

best candle warmer value

2. Bulk Paradise Large Candle Warmer

Best Value

This no-frills white model doesn’t go out of its way to look fancy, but it has a 4.25-inch diameter warming plate which fits the standard four-inch round candle, and it doubles as a coffee-cup warmer.

best candle warmer nouvarti

3. Nouvati Candle Warmer

Best Candle Warmer With Automatic Shut Off

After eight hours of use, this candle and mug warmer shuts off automatically, ensuring that you’re not wasting precious scent when you’re not home. And the low-profile design and 60-inch cord means this model is convenient and understated enough to plug in anywhere from an office desk to a living room side table.

best candle warmer kobodon

4. Kobodon Candle Warmer

Best Ceramic Candle Warmer

Want to turn your bath or guest room into a spa-like haven? This metallic-glazed ceramic candle warmer with removable wax tray looks calm and soothing, even before you plug in the long cord (39 inches) and press the button to start its 3-inch diameter warming plate.

best candle warmer crystal

5. Kwsaz Candle Warmer Lamp

Best Candle Warmer with Adjustable Heat Source

The romantic crystal shade of this candle warmer is what’s going to get compliments, but the functionality of the design—a knob that lets you control the bulb’s heat to regulate the wax melt, the adjustable arm that controls how much heat the wax absorbs—is what’s going to keep you using this in heavy rotation.

best candle warmer cozyberry modern

6. Cozyberry Querencia Candle Warmer

Best Combination Night Light

The warm 35-watt halogen warming light is no brighter than most night lights, so it’s not going to keep you awake while it’s making you groggy emanating your favorite warm candle-wax scent. And the simple design is unobtrusive and sleek.

best candle warmers planchy

7. Palanchy Candle Warmer

Best Two-in-One Design

The gold-veined pattern is chic, and this two-in-one warmer has a removable disk for burning oils in addition to a 4-inch warming plate to hold your favorite candle.

best candle warmer walnut

8. Candle Warmers Candle Warmer

Best Wood Grain Candle Warmer

Dark wood makes a handsome traditional base for the favorite candle you already own. Plus, this walnut accessory holds a metal cup for those times when you want to experiment with the wax melts that are in scents like maple buttered rum and balsam fir.

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