20 of the Best Amazon Pool Floats to Help You Find Your Bliss This Summer

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Pool season has officially arrived, which means just one thing: It’s time to stock up on some epic floats. After all, what swimming space doesn’t look better with a giant unicorn in it? We've rounded up 20 of the best Amazon pool floats to make lying in the water extra relaxing (and let's face it, fun), from rainbow daybed pool floats to floating beer pong tables.

What Are the Best Amazon Pool Floats?

The best Amazon pool float will depend on your personal preference when it comes to elements such as size, style and shape. Those looking for a novelty float, for instance, will undoubtedly want to lounge on an inflatable slice of pizza or sunbathe with a mermaid tail at the beach. (There are options for that.) In terms of materials and features though, you'll want to look for floats that are made of durable materials, like PVC or vinyl, and have easy-to-use valves for speedy, even inflation. Bonus features can include anything from backrests and cupholders to sun canopies and connectors that will allow you to latch on to other floats.

Where to Buy Pool Floats

While pool floats can be found at just about any retailer that sells outdoor gear (Target, Walmart and Dick's Sporting Goods all come to mind), Amazon has a huge selection of pool floats in all different shapes and sizes, and, if you’re a Prime member, you can have one (or a few!) show up on your doorstep in just a couple of days—something that will be perfect for all those last-minute pool parties.

How to Blow Up a Pool Float

Pool floats are inflated by air, but as we all know, some are easier to blow up than others, and as such, may require different methods. First, you'll want to locate how many air valves are on the float (sometimes there are more than one) and where they're located. Lay your pool float down flat, then figure out which way you want to approach it. Overall, you'll want your pool float to feel taut—no one wants a saggy float.

  • Use your mouth: Depending on the size of your float, you could blow it up using your mouth and the air in your lungs—just pinch the base of your valve and blow. While it’s the most convenient option, as it doesn't require any equipment, it's also the most inefficient and tedious, especially for anything bigger than an arm floatie (and something you’ve probably realized is a one-way ticket to dizzy-town).

  • Use a manual pump: If you already have a hand or foot pump at home (for example, one that you’ve used to inflate bike tires or an exercise ball), it can double as a pump for a pool float. As an added bonus, you’ll get an arm or leg workout at the same time. You may have to hold the pump in place or get an adapter so that the pump fits into your float's air valve.

  • Use an electric pump: The easiest and quickest way to inflate a pool float is by using an electric pump. Many are portable and come with attachments, but require a power source, such as a home or car outlet. Still, if you want to blow up a pool float in a few minutes with minimal effort, this is your solution: Push your fast-pump valve down into the float, attach your compressor and watch it work.

  • Use a hair dryer: If you don’t have a pump on hand and want to save your breath, you can use a hair dryer, believe it or not. Just make sure to set it on the cool setting and note that it may take a little finagling to get the air to flow into the valve (you can use a cut-off water bottle, as seen here). Still, it’s a good hack in a pinch, since you probably already have a hair dryer at home.

How to Deflate a Pool Float

Pool floats are fun to have around, but fully inflated, they can take up valuable real estate in your home or garage. For space-efficient storage when they’re not in use, you can deflate them: Simply open up all the valves and press the air out. Some floats have fast valves to speed up the process, but you can also use an electric pump (or a vacuum, in some instances) to suck the air out. Make sure the float is completely dry before folding it up and storing it, so you don’t end up with any mildew.

How to Store Pool Floats

If you have enough storage room or use your pool floats often enough to keep them inflated, simply rinse them off with soap and water to rid them of dirt and chlorine and let them dry before tossing them in the shed or garage. (And yes, it's a good idea to rinse them off after each use, regardless of whether you’re storing them for a night or a week.)

If you're low on space or putting them away for the season, however, it's best to fold them up after rinsing them off and deflating them. Open up the valves, release all the air inside, let the float dry out and then double it over as needed. To keep it in pristine condition, it's also a good idea to avoid leaving your pool float out in the sun for long periods of time or storing it near sharp objects that may accidentally puncture it.

The Best Amazon Pool Floats at a Glance

The 25 Best Pool Floats for Adults to Upgrade Your Next Summer Party

best amazon pool floats rose

1. Swimline Rosé Wine Bottle Pool Float

Best Pool Float With Cup Holder

  • Why We Love It: Cupholder, extra-long, UV resistant, patch kit

Rosé all day, indeed! We chose this pool float, which comes in the shape of your favorite bevvy, because it's 94 inches long (that's nearly 8 feet!) to give you plenty of room to stretch out. It’s also made with UV-resistant material, so the sweet pink hue will take longer to fade, and it comes with a patch kit in case of an accident. Better yet, it has a cupholder that's built right in to hold onto your (what else?) rosé while you’re lounging in style.

day bed pool float

2. Funboy Rainbow Cloud Daybed Pool Float

Best Daybed Pool Float

  • Why We Love It: Fits multiple people, durable, quick inflation

Sharing is caring and we like that this pool float has plenty of room for you and a BFF—or two. Designed like a roomy, relaxing daybed, it's equipped with 50 square-feet of space for you and your friends to hang out on. It’s made of extra-thick vinyl and inflates in less than two minutes, according to Funboy, so you can sunbathe on command. Use an electric pump or a hair dryer with cold air to get the best results.

mermaid pool float

3. Jasonwell Mermaid Tail Pool Float

Most Magical Pool Float

  • Why We Love It: Novelty design, quick setup

We big fans of this magical pool novelty float, which lets you live out your best mermaid dreams courtesy of its own inflatable tail. The circular tube lets you sit on top of it for when you want to stay beached or sink your lower half through it to keep cool as you splash around beneath the water. It has fast inflation and deflation and comes in two different colors.

unicorn pool float

4. Jasonwell Unicorn Pool Float

Best Giant Pool Float

  • Why We Love It: Fast valves, holds two people, neck handles, no phthalates

Mark our words: No pool party will be complete without a unicorn pool float this summer—especially a giant one. Whether you want to ride solo or with a friend (it can hold up to two adults or up to 400 pounds), it will bring on the good times with its fast valves, which inflate like magic, and there are handles on the neck for a nice, solid grip.

best amazon pool floats joyin pizza

5. Joyin Pizza Slice Pool Float

Best Novelty Pizza Float

  • Why We Love It: Tear resistant, fade protection, two cupholders, raft connectors

We've got a sneaking suspicion that pizza lovers will appreciate floating on this slice of fun, which has faux pepperoni toppings and a crust that doubles as a cushion for your head. Tear- and UV-fade-resistant, this float will turn any pool party into a pizza party. It can hold up to 300 pounds and has two cupholders for your beverages. It's also got four raft connectors, so you can connect a few floats them together (eight slices make a full pie!).

best amazon pool floats aqua

6. Aqua Campania Pool Float Chair

Best Pool Float Chair

  • Why We Love It: Reclines for comfort, included caddy

A chair float, like this one, allows for more stability (and better supervision of your surroundings). Its upright positioning will also you enable you to better sip your Mai Tai. This allows you to do all of the above, but it's also built to recline back when you get sleepy. There's a soft mesh weave that will keep you nice and cool as you float, and we're obsessed with its pièce de résistance, aka the included caddy, which will hold your drink, your snacks or even your sunscreen.

best amazon pool floats funboy raft

7. Funboy Pool Float Chaise Lounge

Best Pool Float Chaise Lounge

  • Why We Love It: Speed valves, ergonomic design, cupholder

With hues of pink, yellow and orange, this float reminds us of a sunrise in the pool. More importantly, however, this oversized chaise lounger has an ergonomic design, which means it'll not only be comfortable, you'll have no fear of sliding off of it. There are speed valves, so you won't have to spend hours puffing it full of air before enjoying it, and also a cupholder for sipping at your leisure.

best pool floats swimline

8. Swimline Double Pool Float

Best Double Pool Float

  • Why We Love It: Smart design, arm and head rests, dual drink holders

There was no better option we could find for when you want to float with your beau or bestie than this genius Swimline design, which comfortably seats two people and even allows them to face each other for easy conversation. There are backrests. Cupholders. There's even a center cutout to keep your legs cool. What more could you ask for?

best pool floats intex canopy

9. Intex Canopy Pool Float

Best Cabana Pool Float

  • Why We Love It: Detachable shade, private oasis, built-in cupholders

Trust us: You’ll feel like a VIP lounging in your very own private cabana, and a floating one at that. This one's 6 feet long and 4 feet wide, so you'll have more than enough room to do just that. While it has plenty of cool features (the dual cupholders, comfortable seating and repair patch come to mind), its main attraction is the shade canopy that you can remove as needed, depending on how much direct sunlight you want. Vacation-mode, here we come!

beer pong pool float pg

10. Gopong Pool Inflatable

Most Fun Pool Float

  • Why We Love It: Inclusive game, comes ready to play

Need an icebreaker? Allow us to present to you this pool float, which can immediately liven up a party with a friendly game of beer pong. It’s big enough to fit a full 10-cup setup on each side and has four extra cup holders per side for spectators. We like that it also comes with six pong balls, so you'll have everything you need from the get-go. After you play, you can remove the cups and take a post-beer pong nap.

pocket pool float

11. Poolmaster Pool Mattress

Best Pool Float for Tanning

  • Why We Love It: Pocketed, extra-long, built-in pillow

Lounging in the sun is hard work, but someone has to do it. This is our pick for those extra-hot days, since this extra-long raft, which holds adults of 6 foot or more, will keep you cool with its 18 tufted holes, which can hold water to keep the float at a comfortable temperature. There's also a built-in pillow. Last but not least, it's easy to maneuver, since it weights less than 2 pounds.

amazon pool floats dmar

12. Dmar Donut Pool Float

Best Ring Pool Float

  • Why We Love It: Colorful, extra buoyant

This classic inner tube looks like a colorful donut that's delicious enough to eat, as evidenced by missing bite. We chose it for its vibrancy, but also because it comes in three different sizes, so it’s great for kids and adults alike: Simply choose between your favorite flavor (er, color)—strawberry or chocolate with sprinkles.

best amazon pool floats funboy drink

13. Funboy Rainbow Cloud Drink Holder

Best Pool Float Holder

  • Why We Love It: Holds four drinks, spot for ice

Not every pool has a swim-up bar, but we're convinced this floating drink holder is the next best thing. Laden with four cup holders and a section you can fill with ice to keep things at a drinkable temp, you can easily serve your guests without ever drying off. And when you've had your fill, instead of trying to juggle your cocktail in one hand, you can set them down close by here until you're ready for your next sip.

best amazon pool floats flamingo

14. Jasonwell Flamingo Pool Float

Prettiest Pool Float

  • Why We Love It: Two sizes, fast valves

Flamingos don’t just live in tropical places—they can live in your pool, too. Case in point? This giant, pink float we selected to maximize your water-side fun. It comes in two sizes, extra-large (holds one adult or up to 200 pounds) and XXX-large (holds two adults or up to 400 pounds), plus, it has fast valves to help you inflate and deflate it quickly. Be sure to put him away once you're finished, however, as its lightweight enough at just over 3 pounds to blow away in a strong breeze.

convertible pool float

15. Aqua Convertible Pool Float

Best Convertible Pool Float

  • Why We Love It: Adjustable, removable backrest, cupholder

However you feel like chilling out in the pool, this float is the one we'd chose to help you do it, since it has a removable backrest for versatility. As such, you can convert it into a 60-degree recliner, a 30-degree lounger, drifter, tanner or attach the cushion as a footrest to extend the length of the float. It's got a spot for your drink on the side, and the company claims it's 20 percent thicker than most hammock-style floats.

mat pool float

16. Intex Floating Mat

Best Pool Float Mat

  • Why We Love It: Close to the water, spacious, comes with connectors

This floating mat is spacious enough for a few people to enjoy or one person to really spread out. It also comes with four connectors to attach it to other pool floats or mats. We love that it's buoyant enough to keep you floating, but a close reach to the water, so you won't easily overheat on it.

best amazon pool floats intex

17. Intex River Run Ii Float

Best Pool Float Tube

  • Why We Love It: Built-in cooler, cupholders, backrests

Grab a pal or partner you want to be side-by-side with, because this float is made for two. Sure, it's technically built for floating down the river, but we maintain that these connected tube loungers can be just as much fun in the pool. Each seat has its own backrest and cupholder, and there's a shared built-in cooler with a lid that sits in between the two of you to help keep drinks cold all afternoon.

hammock pool float

18. Aqua Monterey Pool Hammock

Best Pool Hammock Float

  • Why We Love It: Multi-use, partially submerges you

We just may have found the perfect hammock style float in this Aqua number. With a mesh bottom, it will let you have your body partially submerged in the water. It has two buoyant pillows on each end for your head and legs, and you can use it as a hammock, chair, drifter or even an exercise saddle—the options are endless!

kids pool float

19. Big Summer Pirate Boat Pool Float

Best Pool Float for Kids

  • Why We Love It: Included water gun, non-toxic materials, included repair patch

If you’re looking for a fun pool float for the kids, we think this pirate ship checks all the boxes. It’s made for children ages 3 to 7, has smooth leg holes to keep them sitting safely and comfortably and is made of non-toxic materials. Better still, it comes with a repair patch in case of accidents. The one downside? With a built-in water gun, it may make it difficult to get them out of the pool.

best amazon pool floats swimways

20. Swimways Ipool Float Activity Center

Best Pool Float for Babies

  • Why We Love It: Entertaining, provides sun shade, packs up easily

Oh how we love this SwimWays find. Part float and part activity center, this pool float will keep your baby entertained in the pool. It has a soft seat with leg holes, a stable base, a removable canopy with UPF 50 sun protection and mesh sides for visibility. There’s an activity center with toys at the front to keep little hands entertained, too, including a rattle, teether, squeaker, stacking rings and a soft star. When baby's done playing, the float packs up into a carrying case for easy portability.

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