Feng Shui Says This Is the Most Important Room to KonMari

tidy basement 728

Bedrooms are where we spend the most hours. Living rooms are where we entertain guests. Kitchens are where the food magic happens. Which is why we were so surprised to learn that the most important room to keep clean in our actually the basement. Well, at least according to feng shui.

Mini refresher: Feng shui is an ancient Chinese discipline that examines object placements and how those placements affect a home's energy. We had the chance to catch up with home wellness expert Bryce Kennedy recently, and he was quick to remind us of the importance of the basement. As Kennedy explained it, basements are quite literally the foundation of our houses and as such, the vibe and energy associated with the space will resonate throughout the house. 

Uh oh. For many folks (ourselves included), basements are de facto dumping grounds where the stuff we just cant seem to part with gets stacked haphazardly and promptly forgotten about. But Kennedy insists that this kind of messy, cluttered foundation will make your home feel more heavy and chaotic as a result. 

The mission, then? KonMari the basement, people! Edit, tidy and "keep it as bright and dry as possible!" says Kennedy. (We've got our work cut out for us.) 


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