‘Barndominiums’ Are the New Tiny Homes

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First, it was the tiny home. Next came the escape pod. And the buzziest home alternative for the year 2019? The barndominium—which is currently the toast of Pinterest. (Search for the term was up 700 percent this year, according to the site's latest trend report.)

First things first—what is it?
Just what it sounds like. They are literally barns that also have all the comforts of a condominium. One can either build a barndominium from the ground up (you can buy a kit, guys) or renovate and convert an existing barn.

How did we get here?
The notion of a barn-turned-swanky-living-quarters bubbled up in the 2000s—but it wasn't until Fixer Upper Season 3 when Joanna Gaines transformed the epic barn above that the phrase barndominium got on the map in a major way. Suddenly, a market for barndomimiums was born. Demand grew first in Texas, traveled up the midwest, and, eventually, took over Pinterest by storm.

What Are the Pros of Having One?
That's the fun part—there are tons of 'em! First off, they're really inexpensive (relative to other new build options). They're also a quick construction project and they're super energy-efficient. Plus, the style is in right now: It effortlessly lends itself to cathedral-like ceilings and the open concept living that's so popular these days. And you better believe they're marked by farmhouse-chic features like rustic beams and barn doors.

Are There Any Cons?
Simply put, barndominiums aren't for everyone. When it comes time to sell your modest digs down the road, your pool of interested buyers will likely be limited to fellow Fixer Upper fans.

Here’s Our Take
Honestly, we haven't quite decided whether we love or hate this trend. On the one hand, they're charming in their simplicity. On the other, do we really want to raise our children in a barn? (Sorry, had to.)

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