12 Amazon Buys Our Readers Couldn’t Get Enough of This Month, from Shelf Dividers to an AirPod Cleaning Kit

It’s just a fact of life that we’ll always click add to cart on an Amazon product that’s been highly recommended. Whether you’re in need of some retail therapy or you’ve been meaning to do a little shopping, PureWow readers have you covered. We’ve rounded up the top 12 Amazon purchases in September that our readers are loving right now, from shelf dividers to an AirPod cleaning kit.

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Calling all nursing mommas: This massager is made to help stimulate milk production and prevent blocked ducts. The device heats up and vibrates for a relaxing experience to assist pumping, breastfeeding and help minimize any associated pain. It comes in a two-pack, so you don’t have to switch between breasts, and also has a pouch for storing them and a charging cord.

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Avoid clanging around pots and pans in the kitchen every time you go to boil some noodles. Instead, keep your cookware organized and easily accessible with this eight-tier rack with adjustable shelving to fit the height of your cookware.

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3. Apple AirTag


Toss one of these AirTags in your purse or attach it to a keychain to keep track of your easily lost items. It connects to the Find My app as well as to Siri to help you keep track of the exact locations of important items. The battery is replaceable and lasts up to a year, and any communication between the AirTag and Find My app is encrypted for your security.


If you have fine hair, opt for a shampoo that is going to cleanse and leave your locks voluminous. This paraben-, sulfate- and phthalate-free formula has chia seed oil, keratin and biotin to strengthen your bonds and revive flat hair. One reviewer says, “[It] does everything it claims to do. I have very thin, fine hair, I love this and unlike most volumizing shampoos, it smells incredible!”

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Trying to set your tumbler in your car’s cup holder only to find it’s a smidge too big is a pain in the butt. Instead of holding said tumbler between your legs or hoping it doesn’t fall over, pop one of these expanders in your cup holder. The insert has a wider top to fit large drinks, and there’s even a side opening for mug handles.

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Don’t be embarrassed, our AirPods get filthy too. Whether it’s ear gunk in the speaker or makeup on the side stems, they get dirty really easily. This little pen has a metal tip for scraping, a flocking sponge to polish and a high-density brush to scrub.

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There’s nothing quite like an efficiently organized closet. Whether you have a big walk-in or a tiny NYC closet, these dividers can help keep your folded items sorted. This set comes with six dividers that measure 8” tall and 12” wide. The bottom of the divider has a clip that slides easily onto the shelf—no nails or Command Strips needed.

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8. Satisfyer Pro 2


Indulging in a little self-care is an absolute necessity. This vibrator is a PureWow reader must-have for your me-time. It uses air-pulse clitoral stimulation for a suction-like sensation and features 11 intensity levels. We love how quiet it is, which is great for travel or a crowded house.

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9. Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows

Beckham Hotel Collection

This pillow set is made of a cooling gel memory foam, which is great for hot sleepers, specifically. "I absolutely love these pillows,” writes one reviewer. “They actually feel like you are laying on a cloud. I have spent hundreds on brand name memory foam pillows that failed to relieve my neck pain—these pillows made that pain go away immediately." 

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Your kid’s going to start loving brush time. Not only is the light up brush head entertaining, but it’s also helpful for teaching them where to brush. The BPA-free bristles are very soft yet strong enough to significantly reduce plaque buildup, according to the brand. You can also get replaceable brush heads to grow with them from 0 to 36 months.

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11. Drawing Without Dignity

Drawing Without Dignity

We love game nights with friends, and this one is definitely going in our carts ASAP. The players draw and guess the sketches (yes, like Pictionary) and whoever gets the most right wins the game. Just a heads up, though, that it’s totally uncensored and quite raunchy, so maybe don’t play with the in-laws or kids.

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We don’t know about you, but we don’t have the time or money to head to the salon for a weekly blowout. This blowdrying brush makes it easy to achieve a salon-quality blowout right at home. It has three heat and speed settings and will leave your hair looking bouncy and salon-fresh. We recommend grabbing a heat protectant to avoid any heat damage to your hair.

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