10 Tiny Homes for Sale on Amazon (So You Can Finally Have the Backyard Studio of Your Dreams)

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These days you can order pretty much anything on Amazon—and we mean everything. From homemade goods to condiments, there’s no shortage of what you can have shipped to your door in less than two days. So we were not so surprised to find that you can order a house (yes, a literal home) from the online giant. Well, technically it’s a tiny house, but these tiny home kits pack a lot into a small package.

Coinciding with the minimalist, sustainability movement, tiny homes started growing in popularity in the early 2010s, spurring a ton of HGTV shows (I for one, could not stop watching Tiny House Hunters) that had us all wondering if we could cram our lives into 200 square feet of living space. I mean, an NYC apartment isn’t too much bigger. These Amazon tiny homes can also be used as a bonus building to make your abode a bit more comfortable, with people using them as pool houses, studios or even kid play spaces. 

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How We Chose Our Favorite Tiny Homes on Amazon

To round up the best Amazon tiny homes, we sifted through the site's offerings to find the ones with the best reviews and that came as a complete kit (some are advertised as just the plans for said tiny home). While reviews are on the lighter side (these dwellings cost four to five figures, after all), we considered the utility, square footage, materials and delivery time when making our picks. I awarded bonus points for anything that offered customization options to better cater the space to your needs.

Below, I’ve assembled (get it?) ten cute and cozy abodes that you can order from the comfort of your jammies. And, based on my research, I've added a few key things to consider for as you start your search at the bottom of this story.

‘Barndominiums’ Are the New Tiny Homes

The 10 Best Tiny Homes on Amazon

Best Wooden

1. Modular Wooden Tiny Home


At a little more than 340 square feet, this smaller home still has enough room for living (think: an elevated studio space). Despite its small size, it manages to pack in four different segmented spaces: a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. All you have to do is furnish it and maybe give it a good paint job. Plus, the two slanted roofs add a modern feel while being practical so rainwater will side down without the need of gutters. It comes with all the pieces you need to assemble and should arrive in under a month.

Fast Facts

  • Size: 344 square feet 
  • Shipping Timeline: ships in 3-5 weeks

Best Playhouse

2. Little Cottage Co. Cape Cod Playhouse

Little Cottage Co.

The smallest of tiny homes will make for the perfect outdoor playhouse. This one is quite tiny at just 48 square feet, but it does feature a lofted space that can be used for extra storage (or an intense game of hide and seek), and there’s the ability to craft a small front porch. It comes with pre-assembled panels, though you’ll have to purchase additional flooring and shingles to make it play-ready. The Cape Cod vibes are extra cute and we can already picture having a tea party in here. 

Fast Facts

  • Size: 48 square feet 
  • Shipping Timeline: ships in 1-2 weeks

Best Two Bedroom

3. Modern Prefab Modular Home


At 890 square feet, this is one of the bigger tiny homes you can order off of Amazon. In fact, there’s room for two bedrooms, as well as a living room, kitchen and bathroom. The sleek front porch was made for group hangs, and you’ll get plenty of light thanks to the windows on the front and back of the home. It really does come with everything you need for assembly, down to sewerage, decks, panels, shower enclosure and electrical wiring.

Fast Facts

  • Size: 890 square feet 
  • Shipping Timeline: ships in 2-4 weeks

Best Office Space

4. Zolyndo Portable Prefabricated Tiny Home


This prefab tiny house would make for a good office space outside your main abode, giving you one dream commute (provided you can WFH, of course). Its three distinct rooms can act as different office spaces, and there’s a kitchenette and bathroom. What more could you need? The foldable home is relatively simple with a steel frame, a hydraulic ceiling, four walls and a floor. Best of all, there’s a built-in electrical system and a fully plumbed kitchen and bathroom. According to the brand, this space can be set up in as little as 15 minutes. Challenge accepted.

Fast Facts

  • Size: 400 square feet 
  • Shipping Timeline: ships in 2-4 weeks

Best Container Home

5. Anovoal Outdoor Expandable Tiny House Kit


This container home was made for expansion, so you can customize it depending on your needs. It features two floors that can be stacked to fit your look and space, and you can add on additional pieces from the brand, should you need to grow it. (The brand even offers several floor plan options for you to choose from.) Another plus: The container boxers are weather-resistant and made of sustainable materials, so you can feel comfortable in your tiny space.

Fast Facts

  • Size: 760 square feet 
  • Shipping Timeline: ships in 3-5 weeks

Best Barn

6. Arlington Wood Storage Shed Kit


At 240 square feet, this adaptable barn puts the tiny in tiny home. But between its durable exterior and French style design, you can definitely make it work with a studio-like layout inside. It’s built to withstand the elements with a truss system that can handle up to 40 pounds of snow and 130 mile per hour winds. Just note that it doesn’t come with flooring, so you’ll have to nail that down on your own. 

Fast Facts

  • Size: 240 square feet 
  • Shipping Timeline: ships in 5-6 weeks

Best Pool House

7. Purple Leaf Sun Room

Purple Leaf

Complete with four windowed walls, this outdoor sunroom might not be ideal for full-time living, but it definitely works as a pool house or extra entertaining space. Two sliding doors lead into the 168 square foot space, and there are detachable PC screens that offer both privacy and protection from the elements when not in use. Fill it with a few couches and a coffee table for some shaded hanging space, or plop a hot tub in there for the ultimate private space. 

Fast Facts

  • Size: 168 square feet 
  • Shipping Timeline: ships in 2 to 3 days

Best Single Home

8. Prefabricated Foldable House


This would make for a great guest house next to your current home. It’s pre-built and foldable, including all of the fixings for electricity and plumbing. It’s basically move-in ready, aside from the furniture of your choosing. The two-bedroom model comes with a kitchen (cabinets and all), and a bathroom that includes a shower unit, toilet, sink and mirror with cabinet. Add a coat or two of paint, and you're all set.

Fast Facts

  • Size: 380 square feet 
  • Shipping Timeline: ships in 5-7 weeks

Best on Wheels

9. SK ROYALTY Tiny Mobile House


Mobile tiny homes became popular because of the freedom and mobility they provide. If you're dreaming of a more nomadic lifestyle, check out this Amazon tiny home, which features a lofted bedroom, small bathroom and a wall that pulls down into a deck. It’s constructed to be insulated and both wind- and earthquake-resistant, too.

Fast Facts

  • Size: 280 square feet 
  • Shipping Timeline: ships in 2-3 weeks

Most Versatile

10. Handy Home Manhattan

Handy Home

With 8-foot-wide barn doors and a long 24-foot length, this barn could be used as a garage, studio or shed. It doesn’t include flooring or shingles, but that allows you to truly make it your own.

While spacious, it is worth noting that one reviewer felt her kit arrived with some of the instruction pages missing, making assembly a bit of a challenge, and that screws worked better at securing the building than the included nails.

Fast Facts

  • Size: 288 square feet 
  • Shipping Timeline: ships in 3 to 5 days

What to Consider When Shopping for an Amazon Tiny Home 

Before choosing a tiny home on Amazon you need to consider a few things:

  • Size: You’ll need to think about both the size of a tiny home that you could consider yourself living in as well as the land you have to fit said tiny house. The smallest of tiny homes can start at 100 square feet and can stretch to about 800 square feet while still being considered small. You'll also want to check with your city to see whether there are certain requirements for how far away the home has to be from the edge of the property, or any other demands that may impact the size of the home you can fit onto your land.
  • Delivery time: Even though these Amazon tiny homes come prefabricated for assembly, the pieces are not always made to order and need some time to be built before they can ship. While some smaller popular sheds will take under a week, larger, custom options can take closer to five weeks, so prepare for some wait time.
  • Additional handiwork: While you might be a DIY expert, it does take a bit of construction knowledge before assembling these home pieces. Additionally, you might have to attach flooring and shingles to certain builds, as well as paint the space. It might be worth it to hire a contractor, especially if you need to pour a cement foundation.
  • City permits: Before purchasing a tiny home, double check your city’s regulations regarding them. Some have size requirements, as well as ceiling height requirements, that may vary from state to state and even by zip code. You’ll also need to meet basic requirements for plumbing, lighting, ventilation, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors and emergency exits.

Are Tiny Homes Worth the Money? 

Running anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 for a luxury home with all the bells and whistles, tiny homes are still an investment despite being cheaper than your average dwelling. According to Fortune Builders, the average tiny home is valued at about $300 per square foot, which is roughly the cost of building a new home these days in a mid-market. However, if you decide to use your tiny home as a pool house or guest home, it could also add more value to your current space. Its worth all depends on your lifestyle—and needs.

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