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What a time to be alive: succulents can be robots, bread can be statement lighting and you can order a brand-new house on Amazon. Well, at least a tiny house. To celebrate, we assembled (get it?) ten cute and cozy abodes that you can order from the comfort of your jammies.

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tiny home amazon 11

Allwood Timberline Cabin Kit

This adorable cottage is made of Nordic Spruce—which sounds fancy, right?—and clocks in at a totally livable 483 square feet. According to Amazon, it’ll take two adults three days to build it. (DIY challenge, accepted.)

Buy it ($34,900)

tiny home amazon 9

WEIZHENGHENG Expandable Container House

This sleek and modern container home earns extra points for being totally solar powered. And the interior looks like a chic Japanese apartment.

Buy it $24,800


tiny home amazon 6

Tiny Home Park Model RV

This 536-square-foot “weekend getaway” boasts granite counters, California-style curb appeal and a wall of windows. In other words, it’s tiny-gone-luxury.

Buy it ($64,900)

tiny home amazon 4

Lillevilla Escape Kit Cabin

Yoga studio, pool house or guest quarters? This petite refuge doesn’t have a bathroom—but it does have charm in spades.  

Buy it ($4,990)

tiny home amazon 7

Bantam Built Tiny House

With its open kitchen shelving, butcher-block counters and beadboard ceiling, this cottage on wheels is definitely Joanna Gaines-approved.

Buy it ($49,995)

tiny home amazon 8

MODS 40-Foot Tiny Home

French doors? Built-in bunk beds? Two sinks? We’ll take this swanky container home, please and thanks.

Buy it ($36,000)

tiny home amazon 10

Jamaica Cottage Shop Post and Beam Vermont Cottage

TFW your preferred aesthetic is a Spaghetti Western movie set and you find a tiny home to match it. (Psst: There’s a sleeping loft, people.)

Buy it ($17,259)

tiny home amazon 12

Pre-Fabricated Container Home

Ignore the questionable exterior styling: This place is seriously nice inside. (Check out the entertainment system built-ins.)

Buy it (from $38,950)

tiny home amazon 2

Romtec 'The Bird Watcher' Cabin

Paging all budding ornithologists: There’s a highly necessary “bird watching booth” in this precious, 200-square-foot log cabin.

Buy it ($50,000)

tiny home amazon 3

Allwood Eagle Point Cabin Kit

Behold: Your new not-so-tiny home, which features two stories and room enough for three bedrooms—plus kitchen and bath. All you have to do is assemble the thing, which shouldn’t be much harder than an Ikea dresser. Right?

Buy it ($46,900)

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