Solo Stove's Largest Fire Pit Is $135 Off During the Amazon Prime Early Access Event

Just because summer's over doesn't mean your alfresco dinners have to wind down too. At least not when you have an epic fire pit to gather 'round. PureWow editors have been longtime fans of Solo Stove, a practically smokeless, easy-to-use fire pit, and right now, its largest model is 30 percent off during the Amazon Prime Early Access Event. The deal only runs until midnight tonight (October 12), and you have to be a Prime member to take advantage of the discount, though it takes seconds to sign up and reap the benefits of an extended s'mores season.

The Yukon model is the only Solo Stove on sale during what some are calling Prime Day 2, but we're not mad about it. While it's the priciest of the bunch, the discount is so steep—$135 off—that it's just $15 more than the classic Bonfire design, yet it can fit twice as many people huddled around it.

You don't need propane to get this fire started; it's wood-burning, and its patented design makes it nearly smokeless while burning evenly, so there's hardly any ash to dispose of when you're done. Plus, at 27 inches in diameter and 38 pounds, it's sizable, yet not so unwieldy that you can't take it on camping trips with you.

"While the fire seems to be focused and you get ALL the heat from it, you really get the heat in an upward cone shape away from the pit," one reviewer shares. "In other words, if you sit around the fire, you get heat, but not super intense. If you stand up and get near the pit, you step into the area that the heat radiates, and it does radiate a LOT of heat."

Now, if you're the type who likes to continually prod the wood and tend to the flames, you might be disappointed, because you really don't have to mess with it. That was the biggest con we found from reviewers—that and the few who missed that lingering smoky smell on their clothes and hair after a night around the campfire—though if you prefer a low-maintenance hangout, you'll appreciate the Yukon's fuss-free design.

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