Wine is wonderful, and that’s a fact (at least in our book). It’s also, based on what type you prefer to drink, a pretty good determinant of what kind of person you are (again, at least in our book). Here’s what your favorite varietal might be saying about you.

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Pinot Grigio
You love your kids, home jewelry parties and The Real Housewives, but not necessarily in that order.

Your favorite movie is anything with Reese Witherspoon.

Your favorite movie is Silence of the Lambs.

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Pinot Noir
You were voted Most Popular in high school, your hair's always freshly blown out and your social calendar is fuller than your chic Saint Laurent tote.

College was the best four years of your life and now you while away the days pinning recipes for something called “slutty brownies” and writing Bachelor fan fiction. 

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Sauvignon Blanc
You’ve been called a perfectionist, and you’re cool with that. You bought a Burberry trench coat after reading an article about everything a woman should own before she’s 30.

You like day drinking and have Googled “Zooey Deschanel style” more than

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You love brunch almost as much as you love Instagramming brunch. And someday, you’ll leave your corporate job to become a blogger.

Cabernet Sauvignon
You have a strong, assertive personality and you know what you want. If that means people think of you as bossy, then so be it. 

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You studied abroad in Argentina and talk about it on the reg, even though your Spanish is not even close to fluent.

Whatever Has the Prettiest Label
You live by the motto “beauty is pain” and think that women who wear sneakers instead of stilettos are quitters.

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Boxed Wine
You’re kind of our hero. 

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