Waffle Cakes Are the Next Big Dessert Trend (and They’re Surprisingly Easy to Make)

Sometimes, a new dessert trend comes along that sweeps us off our feet (we’re looking at you, whimsical unicorn cakes). Now, meet our latest obsession: waffle cakes. These decadent stacks are the perfect treat for any occasion from bridal showers to birthdays. Plus, no one can tell you not to eat it for breakfast.

10 Unconventional Cakes to Make For Any Occasion

Waffle Confetti Cake

Every day is your birthday when sprinkles are involved.

Dark Chocolate Waffle Cake With Mascarpone Whipped Cream

Whoa. That’s one sexy dessert.

waffle cake 2
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Waffle Wedding Cake

Brunch wedding? We’d say “I do.”

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Black Forest Waffle Cake

Every good brunch should end with something sweet.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Cake

Life is better when boozy bourbon frosting is involved.

Waffle Carrot Cake

Consider this your daily serving of vegetables.

waffle cake 4
The Stay at Home Chef

Waffle Cake With Whipped Chocolate Ganache

Why choose between vanilla and chocolate?

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Maple Belgian Waffle Cake

We’ll have no problem devouring all three layers.

Birthday Waffle Cake

Blow out your candles…then dig in.

Waffle Strawberry Shortcake

Things are looking berry, berry delicious.

Waffle Cake With Maple Buttercream

All you need are four basic ingredients to make the decadent filling.

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