We Tried TikTok’s Most Viral Fast Food Hacks and Here’s What We Found

Every now and then, we find ourselves on #FoodTok and not even five seconds into scrolling, we stumble upon a tasty food hack that we just have to try. 

From the viral Popeye Chicken Sandwich with Mac and Cheese Combo (you know the one) to the Wendy’s Chili Cheese Fries Hack, it’s hard to see these creations and not try them out ourselves. 

On this week's episode of Testing TikTok, Kate Kesselman becomes a fast food critic and tastes three viral food hacks that have been taking over our feeds. Follow along as she tries out the fast food combos and gives her honest, unfiltered reviews on the viral tasty trends.

1. Chick-fil-A Sandwich Hack

Time to assemble our sandwich! For this fast food hack, you’re going to need a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich with a package of honey and barbecue sauce. 

After crafting the sandwich, Kate took her first bite and found herself completely in love. “I’m a huge fan of this sandwich,” she said.  

She also noted that the honey was a really nice touch, saying, “It brings a slight sweetness to the sandwich in contrast with the barbeque.” Umm yes, please?

2. McDonald’s Soda Hack

When you walk into the fast food restaurant, be sure to order an Orange Fanta and ask for a coffee creamer packet. (Beware of the side eye.) This fun food hack is supposed to create your own personal orange creamsicle. 

So, what’s the final verdict? Even though Kate isn’t a huge fan of creamsicles, she actually enjoyed this tasty treat. “I really thought this wasn't going to be good, but it’s really good,” she admitted. “It’s actually pretty cool.” 

3. Popeyes Sandwich Hack

Mac and Cheese anyone? Kate decided to take the viral Popeyes Sandwich hack out for a spin. She topped the sandwich with mac and cheese (of course), buffalo sauce and jalapenos. 

After taking one bite out of the sandwich, she was speechless. “The spice. The mac and cheese. The crunch. Delicious,” she said. “Next time I go to Popeyes, this is what I’m getting.” Now, we’re definitely curious.

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