Vegetable ‘Steaks’ Are the New Steaks and We're All for It

Whether you’re living a plant-based life or you just prefer to pile your plate with more greens than meat, you have no shortage of options in NYC. That said, sometimes you want the satisfaction of sawing into a hunk of something with a big ol’ knife. Here, six dishes that give veggies the chophouse treatment.

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Cauliflower Steak At The Little Beet Table

Cauliflower entrées are becoming as ubiquitous as millennial pink, but the zingy (and, might we add, photogenic) version at the Little Beet's sit-down outpost stands out for its addictive combo of green curry, maitake mushrooms, apple, almonds and seasonal herbs.

333 Park Ave. S.;

King Oyster Steak At Green Fig

Israelis know a thing or two about addictive vegetarian fare (see: falafel), and this west side spot puts a modern spin on the region’s cuisine. Chef de cuisine Yuval Litmanovich was inspired by the sheer earthiness of the king oyster mushroom, amping it up with porcini stock and pairing it with leek-freekeh “polenta” and grilled baby zucchini.

570 Tenth Ave.;

Bbq Kohlrabi At Freek’s Mill

If you’re not familiar with kohlrabi, a veggie in the brassica family related to cabbage, it’s time to get acquainted. Here, it takes the form of thick, meaty slabs that are charred on the edges and served over a Southern-inspired bed of grits and greens. 

285 Nevins St., Brooklyn;

Sweet Potato At Ladybird

Ladybird is just one space shy of the name of a very good movie, and it’s also a recently relocated “vegetable bar” in the East Village. (Take a look at that gorgeous interior.) Among the many meat-free offerings from the Michelin-starred chef is the standout sweet potato, dressed up with scallions, tempura and miso butter.

111 E. Seventh St.;

Honeynut Squash At Sunday In Brooklyn

We'll concede that we're using the term "steak" here loosely, but you have to admit it's hard to argue with this massive half gourd, roasted to perfection and topped with brown butter, cultured cheese and bonito flakes.

348 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn;

Roasted Pineapple At Nix

OK, technically this is a fruit—and a dessert—but it’s served with a steak knife, and besides, we’ll eat anything that the vegetable whisperers at Nix put in front of us. These babies take a full 45 minutes to roast (which is why they’re only available by special order), but the result is a magically caramelized crust that then gets topped with dairy-free whipped cream, macadamia nuts and toasted coconut.

72 University Pl.; 

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