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Moms know to keep snacks in the car for when their kids’ blood sugar plummets and the crankiness begins—but what about car snacks for grown-ups? We don’t know about you, but we can’t be bothered to pack a fresh bunch of mini carrots on the reg. Instead, stock up on these Trader Joe’s packaged goods (none of which will melt in a hot Prius) and keep them on hand with a few bottles of water.

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oven baked cheese bites trader joes
Dana Dickey

Oven-Baked Cheese Bites ($2.50)

These are like homemade Parmesan crisps, but without any of that shopping or baking hassle.

inner peas trader joes
Dana Dickey

Inner Peas ($1.50)

Peas are baked to a crunchy texture and sprinkled with salt, resulting in a less oily but equally addictive alternative to chips.

wasabi roasted seaweed snack
Dana Dickey

Wasabi Roasted Seaweed Snack ($1)

Did you know that spiciness is a hunger suppressant? You’ll eat more slowly and savor every bite if you snack on this tangy treat along with crackers or fruit.

rx bar trader joes
Dana Dickey

RX Bar ($2)

Flavors like blueberry, chocolate with sea salt, and peanut butter chocolate (mmm, Reese’s-esque) and a simple recipes that uses real ingredients add up to the cleanest snack bar you’ll love.

fruit bars trader joes
Dana Dickey

Fruit Bar ($2)

Vegan and raw eaters love these little bars that use apple as a base and fruits like mango and banana for extra flavor. At just 90 calories, they stave off hunger best when eaten with a handful of almonds.

mochi rice nuggets
Dana Dickey

Mochi Rice Nuggets ($3)

The MVP of Trader Joe’s snacks, this Japanese-made treat consists of little bits of ground steamed rice that are fried ’til they’re puffed and crunchy and then sprinkled with salt. User’s tip: Take out a handful and then toss the bag into the backseat so you don’t end up eating the whole pouch (you’ll want to).

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