The 21 Best Breakfast Sandwiches in New York City, Ranked

So much more than bacon, egg and cheese

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We’ve already introduced you to the glory that is the Bee Sting pizza at Roberta’s, the Ess-a-Bagel with lox and the duck carnitas in a skillet at Cosme. You’re welcome for those, BTW. 

Now we’re on a mission to find the best breakfast sandwich in all of New York City. Let’s do this (before 11 a.m.).

21. Egg, Pancetta And Avocado Sandwich At Estela

OK, this is the very definition of #yolkporn. 

47 E. Houston St. (at Mulberry St.); 212-219-7693 or

20. Bacon, Egg And Cheese At Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

Put down your doughnut for juuust a second and try this. It’s worth it, we promise. 

727 Manhattan Ave. (at Norman Ave.), Brooklyn; 718-389-3676 or


19. Egg And Cheese At The Queens Kickshaw

Pretty much the only reason we’ll trek out to Queens.

4017 Broadway (at 41st St.), Astoria; 718-777-0913 or

18. French Toast Sandwich At The Heyward

Well, maybe you shouldn’t eat this guy every morning, but this masterpiece featuring country ham, cheddar cheese and scrambled eggs between two slices of brioche French toast should definitely be a Sunday brunch staple. 

258 Wythe Ave. (at N. Third St.), Brooklyn; 718-384-1990 or

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17. Shakshuka Sandwich At Taboonette

How can you improve upon spicy skillet-baked eggs? Shove them into a warm pita pocket, of course.

30 E. 13th St. (at University Pl.); 212-510-7881 or

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16. Bright-eyed Breakfast Sandwich At Blue Smoke

Nope, that’s not just a doughnut. That’s a biscuit doughnut topped with a fried egg, spicy fried chicken and pimento cheese. You heard us, now go!

Locations in Flatiron and Battery Park; 212-889-2005 or

15. Egg, Cheese And Sausage Biscuit At Jacob's Pickles

Oh, you can sprinkle on more of that shredded sharp cheddar. Keep going...a little more...keep sprinkling...yeah, we’ll tell you “when,” don’t worry...

509 Amsterdam Ave. (at 84th St.); 212-479-5566 or

14. Hippie Banjo At Pies-n-thighs

Guys, it has sprouts. It has to be healthy.

Locations on the Lower East Side and in Williamsburg; 212-431-7437 or

13. So Good Sandwich At Shopsin's

Yep, it’s basically a gooey grilled cheese sandwich--but it has an egg on it, so you’re now officially allowed to eat it for breakfast.

120 Essex St. (at Rivington St.); 212-294-5160 or

12. Ship's Biscuit Sandwich At Saltie

The secret to the softest eggs in all the land? Ricotta.

378 Metropolitan Ave. (at Havemeyer St.), Brooklyn; 718-387-4777 or

11. Egg Sandwich At Santina

Bacon, fontina and green chili peppers FTW.

820 Washington St. (at Gansevoort St.); 212-254-3000 or

10. Breakfast Sandwich At Dimes

How do we love thee? Let us count the ways: Silky smooth scrambled eggs, pickled jalapeños, gooey cheddar and creamy avocado. (Wait, how many ways is that? We lost count.)

Two locations on the Lower East Side; 212-925-1300 or

9. Breakfast Sandwich At Il Buco Alimentari E Vineria

Homemade focaccia bread? Check. House-cured salame rosa? Check. Creamy, tangy Italian cheese? Check. Runny egg? Check. Who could ask for anything more?

53 Great Jones St. (at Third St.); 212-837-2622 or

8. Egg And Cheese Biscuit At Marlow And Sons

There’s nothing complicated about the no-frills sammy at this South Williamsburg joint, but when each element is the Platonic ideal of itself, you can’t beat basic.

81 Broadway (at Berry St.), Brooklyn; 718-384-1441 or

7. Wood-fired Baked Egg Sandwich At Black Seed Bagels

Chowing down on one of these Montreal-inspired bagels will convince you to move to Canada. See you there!

Locations in Nolita and the East Village; 646-518-1236 or

6. The Classic Egg Sandwich At Sadelle's

The homemade challah is worth the price of admission--which is usually a long line.

463 W. Broadway (at Prince St.); 212-776-4926 or

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5. The Farmhouse Sandwich At Bec

Be fancy: add some baby spinach, honey, ricotta, fig jam and pancetta. It’s good for you.

148 Eighth Ave. (at 17th St.); 212-633-8020 or

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High Street on Hudson

4. The Forager Sandwich At High Street On Hudson

We’ll take ours with a seared king oyster mushroom, braised kale, green meadow young Swiss cheese, braised kale and black trumpet mayo, please.

637 Hudson St. (at Horatio St.); 917-388-3944 or

3. The Croissant Sandwich At Roberta's Bakery

Home of our favorite pizza in NYC, this spot has already managed to become a Brooklyn institution. And guess what? It makes a killer breakfast sandwich with house-cured bacon, sunny-side-up egg and a slice of American cheese on a buttery croissant. No wonder.

261 Moore St. (at Bogart St.); 718-417-1118 or

2. The Mr. Victor At Court Street Grocers

It’s all about the layering, guys. First the hickory smoked sausage, then the soft scrambled eggs, then the arugula and then the melted cheddar cheese. Drool.

Locations in Brooklyn and the West Village; 718-722-7229 or

1. The Beast At Egg Shop

With a name like “The Beast,” you know it’s a winner. Pulled pork carnitas with sunny-side-up eggs, cilantro, pickled onions and chipotle bourbon ketchup on a French hero. You had us at pulled pork carnitas. And then again at chipotle bourbon… and then every word in between.

151 Elizabeth St. (at Kenmare St.); 646-666-0810 or

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