SuperCook Will Help You Churn Out Gourmet Meals While Social Distancing


If you’re like us, you’re probably struggling with what to make your family for dinner every night during this confusing period of social distancing. Luckily, SuperCook is blessing us with a little bit of inspiration. 

SuperCook is a recipe search engine that finds recipes from the most popular cooking websites that you can make with the ingredients you currently have at home.

The site (which is now also an app) allows you to enter in the contents of your kitchen—it assumes you have basics like salt and pepper—and then creates a list of potential recipes you can make using just what you have or (sometimes) with the addition of another item. And we’re not just talking about dinner recipes here—we also mean appetizers, entrées and desserts.

Users can begin by choosing from a list of ingredients, which are all separated into categories such as meat, fruit, dairy, grains and more. As you begin checking off ingredients, the site populates a potential list of recipes to comb through. 

Not to mention, if you already have something in mind but aren’t sure how to execute it, you can also utilize the search function to narrow your results. 

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