A Quick Trick for Spiralizing Veggies If You Don’t Own a Spiralizer

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You’re at the grocery store on Monday night when a sudden craving for zoodles strikes. But darn, you still haven’t gotten around to buying a spiralizer. Don’t despair: It’s completely possible (easy, even) to spiralize without any special, bulky gadgets.

What you need: A cucumber, zucchini or carrot, plus a Y-shaped vegetable peeler or a julienne peeler (which has a row of little teeth).

What you do: Carefully drag the peeler down the length of the veggie like you’re peeling it. Rotate as you go, making long strokes.

The results: The Y-shaped vegetable peeler makes veggie strips that are flatter than regular zoodles, but cook and twirl around a fork exactly the same way. A julienne peeler steps your game up a notch: It creates gorgeous, round noodles (shhh—we won’t tell anyone your secret.)

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