19 Slow-Cooker Pork Recipes That Almost Make Themselves

If we had to choose one kitchen appliance to take to a desert island, it would be the slow cooker, no contest. What other tool lets us press a button and come back hours later to a freshly cooked dinner, or handle tough cuts of meat with grace and ease? It comes as no surprise, then, that the slow cooker and basically any cut of pork are a match made in heaven. To prove our point, here are 19 slow-cooker pork recipes that practically make themselves.

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1. Slow-cooker Pulled Pork

Let’s start with a classic, shall we? With just ten minutes of prep and the push of a button, you’ll have juicy, savory pulled pork on your plate in no time. (Don’t forget the sandwich fixings.)

2. Slow-cooker Pork Carnitas

Pile everything in the slow cooker before you leave for work and you’ll have dinner waiting for you when you get home.

3. Slow-cooker Meal-prep Burrito Bowls

FYI, your slow cooker can be a key player in your weekly meal-prep strategy. These bowls are full of flavor and super-satisfying, but low on carbs.

4. Slow-cooker Lo Mein

It’s just as easy as ordering takeout but a whole lot healthier. This version calls for spaghetti to make it easy, but you could also use udon, ramen or fettuccine.

5. Slow-cooker Mississippi Pork Roast

It’s sweet, spicy and fall-apart tender. Serve it over a bed of mashed potatoes for full effect.

6. Pulled Pork Tacos With Avocado Crema

Gaby Dalkin knows that pulled pork goes beyond sandwiches. The avocado crema and quick cabbage slaw are an easy upgrade to these tacos.

slow cooker pork recipes shredded pork coconut curry recipe
Spoon Fork Bacon

7. Shredded Pork Coconut Curry

FYI, this makes excellent leftovers, that is, if you even have any left over.

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8. Super Easy Slow-cooker Pork

Thanks to store-bought balsamic dressing, you barely have to lift a finger to make this dish. Keep it in your back pocket for desperate times.

9. 5-ingredient Carnitas Soup

You had us at “five ingredients,” and again at “soup.”

10. Slow-cooker Bacon-wrapped Pork Loin

Everything tastes good when wrapped in bacon. This rosemary- and orange-flavored pork loin is no exception.

11. Slow-cooker Pork Tenderloin

When you don’t feel like turning on the oven but you still want something fancy, this easy pork tenderloin is your best friend.

12. Pozole Rojo

Pozole is a traditional Mexican pork soup—this one has chile peppers that give it its red color and added spice.

13. Slow-cooker Sriracha Meatballs

While there’s nothing wrong with red sauce, sometimes it’s nice to switch things up. These Asian-inspired meatballs are sticky, spicy and would be excellent with rice or noodles.

14. Slow-cooker Balsamic Pork Tenderloin With Strawberry Salsa

You need something fresh to cut through all that rich, tender meat. This bright, two-ingredient salsa will do the trick.

15. Braised Pork Roast In Almond Milk

Pork with almond milk sounds crazy, right? It actually works, making a creamy and dairy-free sauce as it tenderizes the meat.

16. Pineapple Pulled Pork Sandwiches

It’s like a Hawaiian pizza and a pulled pork sammie had a delicious, non-polarizing baby.

17. Irish Pork Stew With Stout And Caraway Seed

Don’t let the whole bone-in thing intimidate you. It thickens the broth, the meat will fall right off when it’s ready and it’s one less step for you to worry about.

18. Crock-pot Crispy Caramelized Pork Ramen Noodle Soup With Curry Roasted Acorn Squash

It sounds like a mouthful, and it is…in the best way possible.

19. Slow-cooker Garlic And Brown Sugar Teriyaki Pork

This sweet-savory pork is endlessly versatile: Slice it up, shred it for sandwiches or, our personal favorite, make it into a rice bowl.

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