5 Delicious Recipes Made with a Handful of Simple Ingredients

Lately, you’ve found yourself in a similar scenario: It’s time to eat lunch and you go back and forth from pantry to refrigerator trying to find something to make, but nothing sounds appealing. We call that a recipe rut. Lucky for you (and your stomach), we’re offering up five delicious new ideas that are simple to put together and pack a lot of flavor. They’re made using Simply™ Almond Original Unsweetened and Simply™ Oat Vanilla, and range from breakfast to dessert. Get ready to bookmark.

simply almond mango banana smoothie
Photo: Gieves Anderson/Styling: Lauren Epstein

1. Mango Banana Smoothie

If you’re in the mood for something sweet and refreshing, turn to this five-ingredient mango banana smoothie. Toss mango, pineapple, banana, yogurt and Simply™ Almond Original Unsweetened into a blender until thick and smooth. The most delicious dairy-free smoothie.

simply almond raspberry glazed almond loaf
Photo: Gieves Anderson/Styling: Lauren Epstein

2. Raspberry Glazed Almond Loaf

Trust us when we say this raspberry glazed almond loaf is an absolute must for any brunch table. Simply™ Almond Original Unsweetened and pure almond extract give it the most delicious flavor, while the raspberry glaze adds a sweet touch. And because it’s made with extra-virgin olive oil, you won’t ever be left with that dreaded dry loaf.

simply almond blackberry smoothie bowl
Photo: Gieves Anderson/Styling: Lauren Epstein

3. Blackberry Smoothie Bowl

When it comes to breakfast (especially during the week), we don’t like spending too much time in the kitchen but we don’t want to sacrifice taste either. This blackberry smoothie bowl takes only 10 minutes from start to finish. Combine Simply™ Almond Original Unsweetened with blackberries, peaches, bananas, basil, vanilla and honey. Finish it off with your favorite toppings and dig in.

simply almond mushroom and parmesan polenta
Photo: Gieves Anderson/Styling: Lauren Epstein

4. Parmesan And Mushroom Polenta

Whether you serve it as the main course or a stunning side dish, this parmesan and mushroom polenta will be the talk of the table. Simply™ Almond Original Unsweetened adds a creaminess to the polenta that’s complemented by crispy mushrooms. Add a drizzle of olive oil and more parmesan cheese (of course) and enjoy.

simply oat dairy free tea latte pops
Photo: Gieves Anderson/Styling: Lauren Epstein

5. Dairy-free Tea Latte Pops

When that craving for a 2 p.m. coffee hits but you’re not feeling another hot cup, try these clever tea latte ice pops for a change. They’re made with Earl Grey, Simply™ Oat Vanilla, pure vanilla extract and brown sugar. Make a double batch so you have plenty of extras on hand for when the craving strikes.


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