Your reservation at Gwen isn’t until 2018. But if you like to work for your meal, why not try a place that’s a challenge to get into, but only because it’s hard to find? Here are six super-secret restaurants in L.A. you never knew existed.

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Restos TroisMec 728x524

Trois Mec

The only signage for this small French restaurant is for a pizza joint that used to occupy the space--so you know this one’s definitely on the DL. Even the menu is kept secret until you show up for your $85 prix-fixe meal. But FYI: Be on time, since there's no house phone to ask them to hold your spot.

716 N. Highland;

Restos Alley 728x524

Daily Dose Café

Just a typical corner of the downtown arts district? Of course not. You’re actually looking at the few picnic tables of this café where you can get healthy lunch and dinner fare including kale bowls, yam side salads and smoked wild salmon with housemade hollandaise. Don’t miss the kick-ass espresso.

1820 Industrial St.; 844-932-4593 or

KRamen 728x921

K. Ramen

A wonderful surprise awaits you up an unmarked stairway inside chichi sushi spot Katsuya. It’s a ramen restaurant that serves a connoisseur’s burger--caramelized onions, tomato, American cheese and creamy Sriracha sauce. Enjoy it with a frozen Kirin while looking out over the dancing mall fountain.

702 Americana Way, Glendale; 818-741-2701 or

Restos House 728x524

Off Vine

Hiding in plain site by looking like any other bungalow in the middle of Hollywood’s zoning hodgepodge is actually a restaurant that serves romantic fireside dinners (mmm, short ribs) and a killer brunch (try the eggs Sardou) on the deck.

6263 Leland Way, Hollywood; 323-962-1900 or

Restos Jackalope 728x524

Bar Jackalope

Ready to down some directions? Head to Mas Malo and go upstairs to Seven Grand. Don’t stop there. Slink to the back, find a small button to the left of the doorframe and wait. If there’s room among the 18 available seats, you’ll be invited into a room of cigars, 120 whiskeys and real insider bragging rights.

515 W. Seventh St., Second Fl.; 213-614-0736 or

GoodTimesatDaveyWaynes 728x921

Good Times at Davey Wayne's

Because you’ve always wanted to open a refrigerator and find yourself transported to a sprawling house done up in ’70s décor. It might not be Narnia, but a tequila snow cone and spicy Korean BBQ ribs are waiting for you.

1611 N. El Centro Ave., Hollywood; 323-962-3804 or 

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