The 9 Best Damn Bagels in Los Angeles, Ranked

We’re a second-class bagel town no more


Did you know there’s a West Coast style of bagel? (Haters, enough with your “yes, and it’s bad” sass.) Truth: The West Coast bagel is a fluffier, bigger baked good than is enjoyed by the rest of the country (aka New York).

For more fun bagel facts--as well as where to get the best bagels in the city--read on.

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9. Yeastie Boys

You gotta fight for your right to eat amazing carbs, and the only thing better than a perfectly toasted bagel? A bagel that’s covered in cheddar.

The Alley, 8509 Melrose Ave., W. Hollywood;

8. Breakaway Bakery

An everything bagel without the gluten, please? Yep, it’s possible. This one’s so perfectly chewy you’ll forget gluten ever existed.

5264 W. Pico Blvd.; 310-968-9380 or

7. Western Bagel

We will acknowledge the dark time in Cali history when there were no good bagels out west. Thank God the Ustin family changed that 60 years ago because we have a craving for their jalapeño-cheese bagel.

Locations in West L.A., Studio City and more;

6. Bagel Nosh

We’ll have the blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese, please. (Trust us on this one.)

1629 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica; 310-451-8771 or

5. The Bagel Factory

For when you’re absolutely craving a real New York-style bagel. Oh, and this bakery makes its own cream cheese. We repeat: It makes its own cream cheese.

3004 S. Sepulveda Blvd.; 310-477-8460 or

4. Sam's Bagels

Add rye and sourdough together and voilà: The magic that is the pumpernickel bagel. Get there early on weekends to snag yours before they sell out.

150 N. Larchmont Blvd.; 323-469-1249 or 7864 Sunset Blvd.; 323-850-7267.

3. Bagelmania

It’s a baked good that would make Dr. Seuss proud. And because every day is a celebration, get it cut in half and dipped in confetti cream cheese.

8861 Adams Ave., Huntington Beach; 714-965-5637 or

2. Brooklyn Bagel Bakery

Although this institution has been closed since last year due to some building issues (see: impending structural collapse), its bagels live on at local delis like Canter’s and Langer's. Don’t miss the onion--it's got razor-thin slices of onion and poppy seeds galore. And good news: The bakery’s just been cleared to be rebuilt.

Canter’s Deli, 419 N. Fairfax Ave.; 323-651-2030 or

1. New York Bagel & Deli

So maybe NYC bagels do win. Big, richly bready bagels stuffed with quality Boar’s Head luncheon meats or whipped “veggie lite” cream cheese. Need a weekend high point? Roll in early on Sunday morning then take one back to bed with the Times.

11700 National Blvd., Mar Vista; 310-391-6226 or 

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