Pecan pie is a classic recipe—but there are so many different ways to whip it up. You could use maple syrup, honey or corn syrup; you could spike it with bourbon or vanilla (or both). You could turn it into bars or bites. Here, we rounded up our favorite iterations guaranteed to make your guests beg for the recipe.

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Sally's Baking Addiction

Maple Pecan Pie

To balance out the flavor of this notoriously sweet pie, sprinkle a little flaky sea salt on top right before serving. You’ll love the sweet and salty flavors, plus the added crunch is a nice bonus.

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Half Baked Harvest

Nonnie’s Kentucky Derby Pie

Race day or not, this pie is everything you’re craving: maple syrup, bourbon, vanilla, chocolate chips and a pinch of salt.

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Carlsbad Cravings

Best Pecan Pie with Pecan Graham Cracker Crust

Psst: You can totally make this pie ahead of time—and everything comes together in just one bowl.

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Pecan Pie With Ginger, Cinnamon, Maple and Condensed Milk

Learn precisely how to create a fancy top—but if you’re short on time (or just don’t feel like arts and crafting), you can top it with chopped pecans instead.

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Broma Bakery

Brownie Pecan Pie

Forget pie crust. This creation is built on a fudgy brownie base (because why the heck not)?

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Bojon Gourmet

Bourbon Sorghum Pecan Pie

Sorghum syrup gives the filling silky body and a complex taste, while the crust gets extra flake and flavor from sorghum flour.

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Photo: Jon Cospito/Styling: Erin McDowell

Mini Caramel Pecan Pies with Cinnamon Roll Pie Crust

Absolutely dripping with Insta-worthy gooey caramel, these cuties can be summed up in one word: irresistible. Go ahead, have a second (or better yet, a third).

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Gimme Some Oven

Pecan Pie

Tip: Brown an entire stick of butter for an extra layer of nutty flavor. This recipe does call for corn syrup, but you can also sub in ½ cup packed brown sugar.

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Photo: Nico Schinco/Styling: Erin McDowell

Pecan Pie Scones

Hello, pie for breakfast. The scones are studded with big chunks of pecans and pieces of sugary baked pie dough.

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Cookie and Kate

Naturally Sweetened Pecan Pie

Unlike most pecan pies, which are sweetened with corn syrup and refined sugar, this pecan pie is naturally sweetened with real maple syrup. Add some bourbon to the mixture to amp up the flavor, if you’d like.

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Making Thyme for Health

The Best Vegan Pecan Pie

Most recipes call for eggs, butter and corn syrup. But you don’t need any of that stuff to make one incredible pecan pie. Vegan butter and coconut sugar are just as magical.

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The Almond Eater

Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie

If you’re iffy about using corn syrup, try this delicious version—it uses honey instead.

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Dinner at the Zoo

Pecan Pie Bars

Buttery crust? Check. Plenty of brown sugar? Check. Caramel filling? Check. Tons of crunchy pecans? Check. Hard work? Nope. Nowhere to be found.

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Yellow Bliss Road

Southern Pecan Pie

A yummy twist that calls for prepared pie crust—one that’s already pressed into a pie pan or one that comes as a flat sheet, ready for rolling out.

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The Recipe Critic

Amazing Pecan Pie Cobbler

We like to call this a “back pocket” dessert. It’s a breeze to make and tastes exactly like caramel pecan pie with a crisp and buttery topping.

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Chocolate For Basil

Coconut Pecan Pie

The crust is made with almond, dates and coconut oil and comes together quickly in the food processor. (Leave it to Coterie member Jerrelle Guy to dream up something this brilliant.)

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RELATED: Fancy Pies Are Trending (and Here Are 13 Recipes to Try)

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