The Best Pasta Recipes in the Whole Entire Universe

Salads are great and we love soup, but sometimes a craving strikes that only a heaping bowl of pasta can satisfy. So keep this list of some of our favorite recipes, tips and tricks nearby. It'll come in handy, we promise.

Alfredo, primavera and everything in between

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Cacio e Pepe Pasta

Everyone should know how to make cacio e pepe. The Italian classic requires just six ingredients and takes 20 minutes to make—including the time it takes to boil the water. Get the recipe.

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Rigatoni Pasta Pie

It looks impressive. (Like, really impressive.) But trust us when we say it’s a cinch to assemble. Get the recipe.

How To Plate Pasta Like A Pro

Everyone should have a good dinner-party trick. Consider making yours plating pasta like a chef at a five-star restaurant. Here's how to do it. (It's simple, we promise.)

Pasta Salads

Served as a side or as the main attraction

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Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Pasta Salad

This recipe combines all of our favorite fall flavors (mmm...butternut squash), but we fully support making it all year long. Get the recipe.

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Roasted Broccoli and Bacon Pasta Salad

We've learned a very important lesson. Roasted broccoli, crispy bacon and hearty pasta make one helluva salad. Serve it as a side dish or a main dish—your call. Get the recipe.

Impastas, if you will

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Carrot Pasta

This colorful and slightly healthier take on gnocchi is simple to make and looks gorgeous. Plus, you’ll feel a little more virtuous when you help yourself to seconds. Get the recipe.

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Cold Lemon Zoodles

A light dressing and no cooking required make this an ideal substitute for summery pasta salad. And did we mention it's ready in just 25 minutes? Get the recipe.

Help us help you make better pasta

This Red Wine Pasta Recipe Will Change The Way You Cook Forever

Two things we love in this world: pasta and wine. So naturally, we found a way to combine them. Watch our video and learn how a bottle of red can change pasta night forever.

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7 Pasta Mistakes You Might Be Making

Put it in a pot, cook it for a few minutes, throw some sauce on it—how hard can cooking pasta possibly be? Well, it’s actually easy to fall victim to one of the seven deadly sins when it comes to making pasta. Take notes to avoid these mistakes at all costs.