This Canned Rosé Is Adorable--and Only 110 Calories

Sweet, sweet summertime

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We’re halfway through summer and loving every minute of it. Between the ice-cream sandwiches and the breezy dresses, we’re living our best lives--or so we thought. Turns out, there was one thing missing from our warm weather wonderfulness: canned rosé.

Enter Pampelonne, a single-serve and portable sparkling wine cocktail. 

The adorable, Breton-striped cans ($15 for a four-pack) are a mixture of Loire Valley Muscadat wine, passion fruit, lime, grapefruit and sparkling water. 

Basically, it’s a super-refreshing summertime drink that tastes kind of like a spiked version of cult-favorite La Croix. It also has just 110 calories per can, so there’s that.

So grab a four-pack and consider the rest of your summer made.

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