Here’s How to Get a Thanksgiving Pie from PureWow’s Very Own Recipe Developer

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No matter how much effort you put into that 15-pound turkey, triple batch of stuffing and green bean casserole, if the pie is no good, Thanksgiving is ruined.

We’re totally kidding, but we’re also all about delicious shortcuts that make the big day a little easier. For example, this year we’re skipping the homemade pumpkin pie in favor of a dessert dreamed up by our very own recipe developer, Erin McDowell.

New York City–based bakery Ovenly just launched a collection of handmade seasonal pies in collaboration with McDowell, who happens to be something of a pie genius. Not only that, the desserts will be available for nationwide delivery beginning today.

The menu includes a black bottom pecan pie with a chocolate base and toasted pecan topping, and a caramel pumpkin pie with swirls of caramel throughout a classic pumpkin custard. Both are $59 (with free shipping) through Goldbelly, or $40 for in-store pickup if you live in the NYC-area.

Even if you are committed to making your own dessert, maybe you want to send one to your parents who live out of state or the in-laws you’re trying to butter up? And FYI, Ovenly is a women-founded and led company with a focus on socially conscious business practices (for starters, they have an open hiring policy and emphasize diversity and sustainability). So you can feel good diving into that second—or third—slice.

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