Some nights call for a quiet glass of wine at your local watering hole. And some nights warrant an Instagram Story that makes all your friends jealous. Thanks to colorful interiors and gorgeous drinks, these bars are guaranteed to blow up your “like” notifications.

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the polynisean
Noah Fecks

The Polynesian

We’re not sure what’s prettier at this sleek tiki hideaway: the jewel-toned, plant-filled interior or the gorgeous tropical drinks—served in such vessels as a skull-shaped goblet, a lab beaker and a treasure chest.  

400 W. 42nd St.;

ophelia bar
Courtesy of Ophelia


Stunning and sophisticated, Ophelia has an opportunity for amazing photos in almost every corner, from its black-and-white floor and navy blue walls to its sweeping views of the city and photogenic drinks (like the aptly named Purple Tuxedo).

3 Mitchell Place, 26th floor;

beauty and essex bar nyc
Courtesy of TAO Group

Beauty & Essex

Once a hidden speakeasy, now a well-known but no less charming LES mainstay, Beauty & Essex offers more than a few ’Grammable moments. Walk through the pawn shop façade and a breathtaking grand staircase and a custom chandelier welcome you inside, while fun signage, unique lighting and sexy plush seating make the perfect backdrop for your cocktail pic.

146 Essex St.;

old rose
Courtesy of Old Rose

Old Rose

This all-day spot inside the Jane Hotel makes us feel like we’re in some breezy, coastal European city. A cool, crisp marble bar; tall, arched windows; vintage light fixtures and whimsical artwork are a great background for sunlit brunch pics.

113 Jane St.;

the rickey
Courtesy of the Rickey

The Rickey

Outfitted in silver, gold and green tones, the Rickey’s opulent barroom was designed with a nod to steampunk. Kick back on a velvet sofa or nailhead-trimmed barstool and order—what else?—one of the many variations on the namesake drink.

210 W. 55th St.;

the up and up
Courtesy of the Up & Up

The Up & Up

It’s like the owners knew just where to find the most outstanding wallpaper possible when designing this Greenwich Village drinkery. In an effort to keep the vibe as civilized as possible, the entire bar is reserved seating only, with no standing room—not even at the bar.

116 Macdougal St.;

blacktail bar nyc
Courtesy of BlackTail


Inspired by a place everyone wants to go and very few have been, the Cuban-themed BlackTail captures the island vibe of the country in a sleek, sophisticated way. Dark wood, plantation blinds and beautiful stained-glass accents make great pictures possible from every corner of the bar.

22 Battery Place, 2nd floor;

ghost donkey
Charles de Vaivre

Ghost Donkey

Mescal drinks are trending, and we can’t imagine a better place to get up to speed with the smoky spirit than at this festive spot. Thanks to delightful pink holiday lights strung throughout the entire bar, your Insta Stories will have all your friends asking where you were and why you didn’t invite them too. (Especially when you have the mole negroni—trust us on this.)

4 Bleecker St.;

bar belly
Gabby Porter

Bar Belly

More of a minimalist? This LES haunt forgoes bells and whistles in favor of a pristine copper bar top and hardware, offset by an industrial pink-and-gray concrete wall and a concave mirror that makes the shelf holding the precious bottles look twice as high. Pro tip: Order a dozen oysters for maximum ’Grammability.

14B Orchard St.;

Library Of Distilled Spirits
Eric Medsker

Library Of Distilled Spirits

Stocked with more than a thousand bottles of booze on the wall (see what we did there?), this place absolutely lives up to its name. Make sure you’re fully charged when you visit, because you’ll want to photograph everything from the blue banquettes to the creative cocktails (one of them is made with black truffle).

80 E. 13th St.;

Courtesy of Dante


This reincarnation of a legendary Village hangout is the perfect mix of old and new. An entire menu dedicated to the negroni (though there are plenty of other beverage options if that’s not your jam) and a bright, breezy interior adorned with rustic wooden accents has all the makings of the perfect photo.

79-81 Macdougal St.;

butcher banker
Pap Studio

Butcher & Banker

Ever grabbed a cocktail in an old bank vault? Time to change that. Butcher & Banker, located in the basement of the New Yorker hotel, is filled with bright patterns and colors, but make a beeline for the bar area, which sits directly next to the actual vault door. (You may feel a little like you’re in a heist movie.)

481 Eighth Ave.;

magic hour
Warren Jagger

Magic Hour

Where else in New York City can you play mini golf, pose with topiaries and drink cocktails on an actual moving carousel? There are photo opportunities in every corner and from every angle at this circus-themed rooftop bar. (Hey, it works.)

485 Seventh Ave., 18th floor;

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