LUNA’s New Prebiotic Bars Make It Easier to Keep Your Gut Health in Check

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We truly can’t decide where to start with our love of LUNA bars. We’re suckers for the zippy LemonZest flavor, but we’ve also been known to indulge in the chocolate-dipped coconut and white chocolate macadamia varieties pretty regularly. It appears there are two new flavors we’ll have to add to our shopping list: LUNA just launched a pair of bars that are enhanced with prebiotics.

You may be wondering what prebiotics are—after all, your doctor stressed the importance of probiotics at your last appointment. Prebiotics are a nondigestible type of dietary fiber that serves as “food” for the healthy bacteria in your gut. The more prebiotics your probiotics have to munch on, the more effective they’ll be in boosting your gut microbiome, which is linked to the health of your immune system, digestive tract, skin, heart and brain. Prebiotics—whether in the form of a supplement or food—essentially make your probiotic supplement work even better. (You can munch on bananas, jicama, apples, garlic or whole grains like bran and barley to boost your prebiotic intake as well.)

So, about LUNA’s new launch: Each non-GMO, gluten-free bar is packed with 8 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber and 2½ grams of prebiotics, thanks to a protein-rich grain blend that includes organic rolled oats and roasted soybeans. Flavors include tart-sweet Wild Cherry and citrusy Tangerine Zest, both of which are covered in a vanilla-flavored coating. Studies show that consuming 5 grams or more of prebiotic fiber increases the good bacteria in your gut, so pair a bar with a supplement or other prebiotic-rich foods throughout the day and you’re good to go.

Owned by Clif Bar & Company, LUNA’s new prebiotic bars are available online, either as a ten-bar variety pack or 15-bar packs of the cherry or tangerine. Your gut will thank you.

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