The 8 Best Bakeries in NYC We Hope Never Die

Sometimes we’re all about hunting down whatever splashy new treat is trending on Instagram, but it’s hard to beat a classic, really damn good establishment. And while some beloved bakeshops haven’t made it (RIP, Glaser’s), a handful of old-school gems are still kicking—by which we mean turning out mind-blowing breads and pastries. Here, the 8 best bakeries in NYC.

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1. Petrossian Nyc

Yes, the upscale Parisian restaurant is world renowned for its gourmet selection of caviar, but the abutting café has a secret: unbelievably flaky, buttery croissants and giant melt-in-your-mouth chocolate-chip cookies. The almond croissant has a cult following among New Yorkers who work in the area. Now you know.

911 Seventh Ave.;

2. William Greenberg Desserts

This Upper East Side institution has been whipping up kosher cookies, cakes and brownies for bar mitzvahs across the city since 1946. But its soft black-and-white cookies are perhaps as legendary as the Seinfeld episode. Around holidays, they come in fun seasonal flavors like red velvet and pumpkin and sweet potato.

1100 Madison Ave.;

3. Peter Pan Donuts & Pastry Shop

You might recognize the waitresses’ distinctive pale pink and teal smocks from the Vince Vaughn movie Delivery Man or the NBC series Shades of Blue. The old-school Greenpoint shop certainly transports you back to the 1950s, when it opened. Inside you’ll find the best doughnuts in the universe for just $1.50 a pop. Available in an array of classic flavors, they’re so fresh and tender you barely have to chew.

727 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn;

4. Veniero’s

In our mind, this cheery sweet shop circa-1894 pretty much embodies Little Italy. Yep, you’ll have to battle a tourist or two to get to the counter, but the cannoli, pinoli cookies, rainbow cookies and quaint stained-glass ceiling are totally worth the trip.

342 E. 11th St.;

5. Oneg Bakery

When it comes to babka, we don’t like to mess around—and neither does Oneg Bakery. It’s worth day-tripping to South Williamsburg to get in on the biggest, baddest and most chocolaty loaf around town (just look at all those tender, oozing layers). The institution also sells jumbo, party-size loaves of challah that serve 25 people and rugelach galore.

188 Lee Ave, Brooklyn.;

6. Junior’s Restaurant

Say what you will (“Only tourists go to Junior’s”), but let’s not forget that this storied mouthwatering slice has been synonymous with New York—style cheesecake itself for more than six decades. Fun facts: The homegrown chain uses only Philadelphia brand cream cheese and sells more than just plain cheesecake, as evidenced by the giant, glorious cheesecake milkshakes above.

Multiple locations;

7. Lung Moon Bakery

Though this store is tiny, it’s revered throughout the city for its traditional, impeccable Chinese delicacies, from egg custard pie to pineapple buns to beautifully intricate mooncakes.

83 Mulberry St.; 212-349-4945

8. Orwashers Bakery

The century-old Hungarian bakery with two uptown locations sells a variety of delightful pastries, but regulars come here for the off-the-hook homemade pullman, ciabatta, rye, pumpernickel, cinnamon raisin and sourdough breads. These gorgeous loaves are also shipped out to restaurants across the city, where they go on to become some of our favorite sandwiches.

Multiple locations;

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