This New Whisk Could Change How You Make Scrambled Eggs

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Hold onto your whisks: There’s a new kid in town. It’s called the Power Whisk, and it’s about to change your morning scrambled egg routine for the better. 

Tell me more: Developed by Chris Kimball, founder of the food science publications Cook’s Illustrated and Milk Street, this new whisk has flat, overlapping loops that form one long edge. 

What does it do? For starters, it beats your eggs together way more quickly than a classic balloon-shape whisk. The shape and angle of the prongs aerates them in a matter of seconds—not minutes—so your arm doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off. Then, use it instead of a wooden spoon to scramble your eggs while they cook in the skillet. Its tines reach perfectly into the corners of your skillet, efficiently whipping up a light-as-air breakfast.

Anything else I should know? You can toss it in your dishwasher once you’re done, and the flat design takes up less space in your kitchen drawer than your regular whisk. Win-win-win. Now who’s ready for some eggs?

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