Jessica Biel Explains Why Slob Snacking Is So Strangely Satisfying

You probably do it, too

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Say what you will about the internet’s obsession with “girl” trends (read: tomato girl, lazy girl, clean girl—the list goes on), but if there’s one thing the common woman is into nowadays, it’s snacking. And it turns out, celebs are not exempt. Case in point: Jessica Biel.

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The 41-year-old actress shared her thoughts about “eating alone like a slob” via TikTok. She appears to be riding a ski lift in the video.

“I love eating alone,” she says. “I was trying to figure out, why is that? Why do I love to have my yummy snacks, especially my naughty snacks, all by myself? And then I realized, as I was eating my snack in this chairlift all by myself, I was eating like an absolute animal. Like a slob…stuff was falling everywhere, I was eating stuff off the floor, eating stuff off my shirt, getting stuff out of my hair. I was like, ‘this is so foul, and ugh, what a treat.’ Eating alone like a slob. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.”

On the heels of trends like girl dinner and rat snacking, Biel is on the pulse. Who *doesn’t* love to dig into a little something—sweet, salty, we’re flexible—with abandon?

This video, which Biel calls a “slob snack soliloquy,” comes about two months after she went viral for admitting she eats and drinks in the shower. “I love to eat in the shower…Shower-appropriate items, like cereal, yogurt, coffee, tea, popsicles. I know, melt factor. But safe, you know? Down the drain, anything drops, you’re good,” she asserts in another TikTok video.

Understandably, many viewers demanded details. “I need her to explain HOW she eats said ‘shower appropriate’ items without getting water in it??” commented one TikTok user.

“A ledge is really helpful, something you can stick your cup, your yogurt container, your coffee, your espresso, whatever it is you’re enjoying. But I like to take a bite or a sip and put it on the ledge,” she explains. “The only tricky thing is when you’re chewing, you gotta keep your mouth closed because I still like to get under the water while I’m chewing, and for whatever reason I want to open my mouth at the same time and spit water.”

In another video, she eats a blood orange in her shower, and from the looks of it, her shower is massive. No wonder resting an espresso on ~the ledge~ (what ledge, friend? ours is the narrow edge of a paint-chipped bathtub, and it’s surrounded by slightly moldy plastic curtains) without getting water in it is so easy for her.

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