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Oh, Instant Pot. How obsessed we are with thee. And since we have no plans of stopping, let’s brainstorm even more ways to use one, shall we? Between whipping up faster dinners to making cleanup a breeze, the following accessories will help you make the most of this versatile kitchen accessory.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

Roasting Rack

Designed to promote healthier eating, this silicone rack cooks meat and veggies more evenly while draining away grease and fat.

OXO ($12)


Glass Lid

With a tempered and clear top, this cover helps your Instant Pot operate like a traditional slow cooker for those hearty stews and soups.

Instant Pot ($15)


Sealing Rings

Thanks to nonstop use, the original sealing ring that lines the Instant Pot can start to take on smells of what’s been cooked. Add these into the mix and use each one for specific cuisines or flavors.

Perfect Plus ($10)


Silicone Steamer Basket

Give veggies a quick steam for a healthy and delicious side.

Instant Pot ($10)


Egg Steamer Rack

Is there anything the Instant Pot can’t do? Not anymore, it seems. Perfectly boil up to a dozen eggs with this nifty addition.

Netany ($10)


Reusable Strainer

If you've finally mustered up the courage to try your hand at homemade yogurt in your Instant Pot, this organic cotton bag is a must-have. Once the milk has “cooked,” strain it through this to make an even consistency.

Organic Family Products ($14)


Mini Mitts

Protect your hands with these perfectly proportioned “oven” mitts.

Instant Pot ($10)


Quilted Cover

Use to keep your Instant Pot safe when it's not in use (a rarity, we know).

Debbiedoo’s ($90)


Ceramic Insert

Makes cleanup a breeze.

Instant Pot ($16)


Silicone Lid

For travel and leftovers.

Instant Pot ($12)


Silicone Molds

Make anything from cake pops to deviled eggs with this genius accessory.

Fulu ($12)


Loaf Pan

Um, we can make bread in our Instant Pot? Game. Changer.

Instant Pot ($12)

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