Ina Garten Revealed Her Favorite Dinner to Cook for Jeffrey (and Surprise, It's Really Easy)

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Ina Garten makes really darn impressive meals (oh hi, chicken Marbella). But when it comes to date night with Jeffrey, she actually likes to keep things pretty simple.

At a recent discussion at the 92nd Street Y, she revealed her favorite dinner to cook for him: crispy mustard chicken and frisée.

“I love that you make everything in one pan,” Ina said. “There are lots of different textures going on and the hot chicken and cool frisée are lovely.”

Just bread some chicken thighs with panko, then roast them on a sheet pan with fingerling potatoes, then serve them with mustard vinaigrette-dressed lettuce.

“I would cook this every night of the week, if I could.” Now that’s some pretty high praise. Be back soon—we’re off to buy some panko bread crumbs.

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