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How to Vacuum Seal Food Without a Vacuum Sealer
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Vacuum sealers are great for keeping food fresh when you buy in bulk or have a bunch of leftovers. But let’s be honest: Most of us have never been able to justify plunking down the cash (or sacrificing the counter space) for a real-deal vacuum sealer. Good news, though. You don’t need one. Here, an easy way to seal the deal using things you already have in the kitchen.

What you need: A large bowl filled halfway with water and leftovers in ziplock bags sealed most of the way (leave just about half an inch unzipped).

What you do: Holding the bag by the unsealed portion, drop it into the bowl and gently press down on it, making sure no water gets in. Remove the now flattened bag, zip it completely shut and wipe off any water before storing it in your fridge or freezer. 

Why it works: The pressure of the water gently pushes the excess air out of the bag so that whatever is within doesn’t go stale. Plus, the food inside is much less likely to get smashed because you’re the one controlling the compression—not a machine. 

Another pro? Now you have pre-packed food to take into the office come Mondaymorning.

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