How to Peel a Pomegranate Without Making a Total Mess

When it comes to underrated fresh produce, pomegranate just might top the list. Delicious in juice, mixed into salads and on top of meat (how pretty do these pomegranate-maple glazed lamb chops look?), this juicy fruit is packed full of flavor. The only problem? Getting those scrumptious seeds out can be a real pain. Unless you know this genius trick, that is. Presenting the easy four-step method for peeling a pomegranate without staining your fingers (or ruining your kitchen counter).


Step 1: Score The Fruit Into Quarters

Use a paring knife to carefully slice the pomegranate into segments.


Step 2: Break The Pomegranate Into Four Pieces

Tear the fruit apart with your hands.


Step 3: Place The Quartered Fruit In A Bowl Of Water

Use your fingers to separate the seeds from the flesh under water. (Optional extra step: Marvel at how easy it is to do this.)


Step 4: Use A Sieve Or Slotted Spoon To Remove The Seeds

And that’s it. Enjoy those delicious ruby gems in a variety of delicious pomegranate recipes