The Secret Ingredient to Make Your Milkshake Taste Like It Came from a Diner

The perfect shake is as much about the ingredients (oh hello, Do-si-do milkshake) as it is about the consistency. Too thick and you’ll be reaching for a spoon. Too thin and you might as well not even bother (there’s a time and place for smoothies and this isn’t it). What you want is a creamy, thick and rich texture—basically dessert in drink form. Here’s the genius hack to get exactly that.

What you need: Ice cream, milk, flavorings of choice, a blender and our game-changing ingredient…milk powder.

What you do: Add a few scoops of ice cream to your blender, your desired flavorings and a splash of milk (go easy, you can always add in more later). Next add a tablespoon of milk powder, blend low and slow and ta-da—milkshake perfection.

Why this works: Milk powder is just milk that’s been processed into a dry ingredient (giving it a long shelf life and no need for refrigeration), so it’s ideal for giving your shake all that delicious milky flavor without watering down the consistency. Mmm, so creamy.

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