An Easy Hack for Keeping Ice Cream Soft and Scoopable

I scream, you scream

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We’re always in the mood for ice cream, but sometimes we’re really in the mood for ice cream. Like, we will jump through fiery hoops to get our hands on a scoop or three. One such hoop is that thing when ice cream comes out of the freezer rock solid. Luckily, this simple trick keeps our frozen treats from requiring a warm-up. Here’s what you do.

What you need: A container of ice cream (pint, quart, gallon--we won’t judge) and a Ziploc bag.

What you do: Before putting ice cream into the freezer, place the container in the bag, press all the air out and seal it shut. Now it’s ready to be scooped whenever a craving strikes.

Why it works: The idea is that the plastic bag prevents the air surrounding the container from getting too cold.

But honestly, we don’t care why it works so long as it works.

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