9 Places to Grab a Healthy (Whole30-Friendly) Meal This Month

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Eating sensibly is tough. Eating sensibly in the wonderland of pizza and ramen that is NYC is a feat of superhuman willpower. That said, there are actually tons of great places to grab a nutritious meal (hi, Whole30-ers). Here are nine of our faves.

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Healthy, customizable bowls are ubiquitous these days, but these creative, Indian-inspired versions are one of our go-to lunches for a reason. With ingredients like tikka masala turkey meatballs, turmeric slaw and coconut chutney, you’re bound to end up with a rainbow-hued and vitamin-packed result.

1133 Broadway St.; 917-521-5012 or

le coq rico baeckoffe nyc
Danielle Adams

Le Coq Rico

If the idea of another boring chicken breast makes you want to scream, upgrade at this French spot. Along with the signature rotisserie birds, you’ll find the Alsatian specialty baeckeoffe, a hearty winter casserole of veggies and chicken (or a meat-free option with poached eggs, available for lunch on Fridays).

30 E. 20th St. (at Park Ave. S.); 212-267-7426 or

friedmans poached egg nyc


If you’ve been to this welcoming mini chain before, you know it’s great for hearty comfort food. What you might not know is that almost anything on the menu—that includes waffles, avocado toast and burgers—can be prepared sans gluten. (Gluten-free fried chicken is healthy, right?)

Multiple locations in Manhattan;

seamores nyc


We’re seriously considering pescetarianism if it means we have an excuse to eat at this Soho fish mecca more often. We’ll be filling up on seafood pozole, squid tacos and coconut-curry mussels all winter long.

390 Broome St. (at Mulberry St.); 212-730-6005 or

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Cava Grill

Cava Grill

We like to think of Mediterranean food as healthy, but we also like to down a tub of TJ’s hummus and pita chips in 20 minutes flat. At least at this spot, you’ll know your harissa-spiced veggie and protein bowls are actually doing your body good.

143 Fourth Ave. (at 14th St.); 646-416-6440 or

springbone kitchen chicken broth nyc
Springbone Kitchen

Springbone Kitchen

Bone broth might trending big time, but it’s also a godsend on a cold day. Grab a chicken-coconut-turmeric elixir to go in place of your afternoon latte, or stick around for zucchini spaghetti (aka zoodles) and meatballs. 

90 W. Third St. (at Sullivan St.); 646-368-9192 or 

Hu Kitchen

Follow the impossibly fit people streaming out of Equinox and they’ll lead you to this fast-casual joint. Yes, it’s paleo, but you won’t find a hint of snobbery, and you will find super-tasty eats like chocolate chia pudding and chili-lime broccoli salad.

Two locations in Manhattan;

urbanspace vanderbilt good stock nyc
Ashley Sears

Urbanspace Vanderbilt

Yep, food halls aren’t all doughnuts and lobster rolls (though we’re eternally grateful for their presence). At this Midtown market, you can graze guilt-free on items like ribollita from Good Stock (pictured) and lentil-kale summer rolls from Two Tablespoons.

230 Park Ave. (at E. 45th St. and Vanderbilt Ave.); 646-747-0810 or

little beet table hamachi crudo nyc
The Little Beet Table

The Little Beet Table

Think of this as the sophisticated big sister to the grab-and-go lunch spot you know and love. The menu here is similarly veggie-focused, with dishes like orange-jalapeño hamachi crudo, pumpkin-miso soup and (of course) beets with caramelized fennel and thyme-mustard dressing.

333 Park Ave. S. (at 25th St.); 212-466-3330 or

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