The 19 Best Healthy Restaurants in Miami

Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, Miami’s home to a host of veggie-forward, flavor-packed dining options that make all sorts of delicious, clean creations. Read on for the 19 best healthy restaurants in Miami for nutrient-filled, good-for-you meals (that also happen to include burgers, ice cream and pancakes).

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Best Healthy Restaurants in Miami - Colorful salad and grain bowls are contained in white bowls. There are three of them all presented on a white surface. There is a pink can next to the bowls.
Photo courtesy of Pura Vida

1. Pura Vida

Miami Beach favorite Pura Vida—with locations across South Florida, including Aventura, the Design District and West Palm Beach—offers flavorful acai bowls, fresh-squeezed juices and a variety of salads, bowls and wraps made with local veggies. We’ll take the gluten-free avocado toast with a bottle of OJ anytime.

3818 NE First Ave.; Miami; 305-200-3109 or

Best Healthy Restaurants in Miami - An overhead shot of a number of grain bowls on a white surface. Pieces of popcorn are strewn about the shot.
Photo courtesy of My Ceviche

2. My Ceviche

If you’re a seafood lover, My Ceviche is one of the best spots in Miami to get your fix. Choose from a selection of fresh-caught fish and then add coconut jasmine rice or cilantro quinoa and a sauce such as aji amarillo, rocoto or tradicional (a mix of lime juice and avocado). It’s the biggest, tastiest bowl of fish and veggies you’ll ever eat, we promise.

Various locations;

Best Healthy Restaurants in Miami - A white person holds a white plate full of salmon, broccoli, and corn.
Photo courtesy of Grown

3. Grown

Think of Grown as fast food made healthy. Here, the fast-casual spot serves organic food without GMOs, preservatives, hormones, or processed sugar—from warm black bean and squash quinoa bowls to chickpea tuna sandwiches and even gluten-free grilled cheese or gluten-free panko chicken tenders. Owned by Shannon Allen and her two-time NBA champion husband Ray, the Grown family is on a mission to inspire Miami-Dade to embrace a healthier lifestyle—one slice of avocado toast at a time.

Various locations;

Best Healthy Restaurants in Miami - An overhead photo of a variety of plates and dishes featuring healthy, colorful food from Carrot Express. Everything is presented on a wooden surface.
Carrot Express

4. Carrot Express

If you’re unsure what you’re in the mood for, but you know for certain you want to stick with whole foods and veggies, Carrot Express should be your go-to. With numerous locations across town (Aventura, Coral Gables, Miami Shores, South Beach, Midtown and more), Carrot Express is more than a juice bar—this restaurant is jam-packed with flavorful, chef-driven dishes served in a casual atmosphere at affordable prices. Next time you go, look out for the savory salmon burger with harissa aioli and the LIV wrap with a grilled chicken breast, avocado, quinoa, kale, and basil pesto.

Various locations;

5. The Fresh Carrot

The Fresh Carrot is the kosher version of our beloved Carrot Express. In other words, that means you can find all your guilt-free healthy favorites—from Liv wraps to turkey burgers to tuna melts—plus a few specials, like a vegan sausage bowl in a savory soy ginger sauce and stuffed sweet potatoes with eggplant and vegan cheese.

Various locations;

6. Serendipity Yogurt Café

We all need a scoop of ice cream every now and then, and Serendipity Yogurt Café adds a healthy spin to those sweet cravings. The owner of the store is the creator behind Peekaboo Ice Cream (which you can find at your local Whole Foods)—an ice cream company that creates ice cream from vegetables from broccoli and cauliflower. Get your dessert fix and satisfy yourdaily nutritional requirements with every bite.

9457 Harding Ave., Surfside; 305-865-1506 or

7. The Plantisserie

Plant-based, organic deli and market? Count us in. Known for distributing frozen, artisanal vegan meals across South Florida, the Plantisserie’s mantra is from soil to food. Instead of spending your weekend meal prepping, their simple, flavor-packed foods will keep you satisfied for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At their brick-and-mortar location in Little River, find a variety of yummy eats by the pound and portion, including kale shiitake rice, lentil meatballs, chickpeas masala, veggie coconut curry and more.

7316 NE 2nd Ave., Miami; 786-502-3363 or

Beat Healthy Restaurants in Miami - A number of fish dishes are photographed in an overhead shot. They are mostly raw dishes on ice featured on colorful plates. Everything is presented on a wooden surface.
Photo courtesy of Azabu Miami Beach

8. Azabu Miami Beach

Looking for an upscale restaurant with healthy, veggie-forward options? This Michelin-starred concept from NYC is split between an elegant dining room, a chic cocktail bar and an 11-seat secluded sushi den inspired by a Tokyo izakaya. The best part? In any setting, you’ll savor some unforgettable fresh fish. We’re big fans of the salmon tataki drizzled in a kelp dashi dressing.

161 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach; 786-276-0520 or

Best Healthy Restaurants in Miami - A photograph of a piece of avocado toast sits on a bright pink plate next to a pastry and a beverage. Everything is presented on a table.
Photo courtesy of OTL

9. OTL

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that ordering a salad and grain bowl is basic. Look at this beauty. (The café also serves killer avocado spreads and super seed-butter toasts.)

160 NE 40th St., Miami; 786-953-7620 or

Best Healthy Restaurants in Miami - A photograph of a burger on a wooden platter next to a stack of french fries and a yellow dipping sauce. Everything is presented in front of a gray background.
Photo courtesy of Planta

10. Planta Miami Beach

At Planta, a Toronto-based restaurant that recently opened an outpost in Miami Beach, the meat-free burgers are made with black beans, mashed lentils and beetroot, and topped with a gooey vegan “cheese” made of carrot and potato. Plus, the restaurant is chock-full of other vegetarian and vegan plates, such as cauliflower “tater” tots, fruit and vegetable sushi, ceviche made with coconut instead of fish, and a creamy bucatini with zucchini spirals. We’ll take one of each, please.

850 Commerce St., Miami Beach; 305-397-8513 or

Best Healthy Restaurants in Miami - A bright table scape with a number of white candles features many people's hands reaching for food to put on their white plates. There are also clear wine glasses and blue glass cups on the table.
Photo courtesy of Icebox Cafe

11. Icebox Cafe

There’s a reason this place always has a line out the door: delicious, creatively prepared veggies and proteins that hit the spot. Clean eating is made easy here thanks to tuna Niçoise, braised brisket lettuce wraps and curried chicken breast. (And yes, an occasional glass of sauv blanc is totally part of a balanced diet.)

Various locations;

Best Healthy Restaurants in Miami - An overhead shot of a variety of dishes that can be purchased at Zuuk Mediterranean Kitchen. It features bowls, wraps, sauces, bags of chips, and other food items. It's all displayed on a gray marbled background.
Photo courtesy of Zuuk Mediterranean Kitchen

12. Zuuk Mediterranean Kitchen

Healthy, customizable bowls are ubiquitous these days, but these creative Mediterranean-inspired versions are one of our go-to lunches for a reason. With ingredients like baked falafel, roasted red pepper hummus and turmeric basmati rice, you’re bound to end up with a rainbow-hued, vitamin-packed result.

Various locations;

Best Healthy Restaurants in Miami - An overhead shot of a variety of cupcakes from Bunnie Cakes. They are displayed on a white platter. Surrounding the cupcakes are different ingredients used to bake as well as little pink hearts. Everything is displayed on a textured white surface.
Photo courtesy of Bunnie Cakes

13. Bunnie Cakes

Clean eating or not, we still have to satisfy our sweet tooth every now and then. That’s where Bunnie Cakes comes in. This petite, bright-pink shop has been turning out gluten-free treats since before it was cool. There are dozens of cupcake flavors—like guava, key lime and banana chocolate chip—that could easily go head-to-head with their gluten-packed counterparts and come out on top.

8450 NW 53rd St., Doral; 786-577-3243 or

Best Healthy Restaurants in Miami - A bright green salad in a white bowl is situated next to a green juice in a clear cup on its left. Just under the juice is a smaller green salad. Everything is resting on a wooden surface.
Photo courtesy of Delicious Raw

14. Delicious Raw

This trendy fast-casual eatery is an absolute pro at incorporating fruits and vegetables into just about everything. Get yourself an order of the vegan pad Thai with crisp veggies and black bean noodles, or the “Pure Panino,” with roasted vegetables and vegan pesto. Trust us, you can’t go wrong.

Various locations;

Best Healthy Restaurants in Miami - An overhead shot of a number of dishes from Planta Queen. They feature dumplings, noodles, and more. Everything is resting on a dark marble surface.
Photo courtesy of Planta Queen

15. Planta Queen

Think of Planta Queen as Planta’s better half. The sister restaurant, also based in Toronto with a location right here at home in Coconut Grove, offers flavorful, plant-based renditions of your favorite Asian recipes. In other words, all the same great taste with nutritious, wholesome ingredients. From eggplant nigiri and crispy rice with spicy ahi watermelon to udon noodles and spinach and black bean dumplings, take comfort in knowing you’re fueling yourself with the absolute best.

3015 Grand Ave., Coconut Grove;

Best Healthy Restaurants in Miami - An overhead shot of dishes from Manna Life Food. They feature things like waffles, sushi wraps, iced tea, and other foods. Everything is resting on a white surface.
Photo courtesy of Manna Life Food

16. Manna Life Food

It doesn’t get any healthier than Manna Life Food. This vegan, gluten-free specialty spot offers a range of savory and sweet bites like avocado arepas, plant-powered bowls with quinoa, tofu and veggies, and waffles with berries and coconut whipped cream. Everything is made in house from scratch, with zero artificial flavors, additives and refined sugars.

80 NE 2nd Ave., Miami;

17. Juice & Java

One of South Florida’s longest-running health food concepts, Juice & Java is all about fast, fresh food. But there’s more to be had than simple grilled chicken and greens—this spot adds a creative spin to nutritious plates, from chicken pesto omelets to goat cheese toast with sweet potato and even avocado cups filled with cherry tomatoes, feta and microgreens. No matter what you’re in the mood for, we’re willing to bet Juice & Java serves it.

Various locations;

Best Healthy Restaurants in Miami - A person with white hands holds out a white plate filled with a wrap and salad from Lilikoi Organic Living. The background is blurry, but you can see a table set up for a meal. The table is a light wood.
Lilikoi Organic Living

18. Lilikoi Organic Living

Everything about this restaurant is delicious—and with a menu of vibrant dishes, this place will leave you feeling great. Quinoa and hummus wrap? Coming right up. Vegan carbonara with coconut bacon flakes? You betcha. Sourdough pancakes with Nutella and coconut whipped cream? On our way.

500 South Pointe Dr., Miami Beach;

19. Wabi Sabi by Shuji

Helmed by chef Shuji Hiyakawa, this fast-casual sushi spot is a pescatarian’s dream come true, serving up excellent tuna and avocado bowls, fruity cold-pressed juices infused with yuzu, and matcha mochi.

851 NE 79th St., Miami; 305-890-7228 or

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