Hard cider has been the cool kid on the block for a while. Craft beer gracefully made room for it at the lunch table. Gluten-free folks can toss it back because, well, it has no gluten. You can even turn it into boozy cider slushies (the best thing that’s ever happened to fall).

Our friends at Cider Society recently turned us on to a new favorite, and it’s about to make your whole damn summer: Reverend Nat’s Tepache, made from pineapples instead of apples, tastes like a fizzy Caribbean cocktail in a bottle. Sweet but not too sweet, it’s low in alcohol (3.2 percent) so you can easily have a second—or third—on a hot summer afternoon.

And here’s the extra cool part: Tepache is inspired by a Mexican drink with the same name, frequently sold by street vendors. The Portland-based cider house follows the Mexican tradition and ferments the rinds of pineapples to achieve an extra-deep fruit flavor. How’s that for reducing food waste?

So the next time you have amigas over, there’s no need to make a big-batch fruit cocktail. Stock up on Tepache wherever you buy beer (or check out the store locator).

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