This CBD-Infused Nutella Alternative Straight-Up Blew Our Mind

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You have nut butter all the time: a scoop in oatmeal here, a drizzle on yogurt there, a generous spoonful over your nightly ice cream. What if we told you that your go-to condiment was a wellness routine waiting to happen? Introducing Groovy Butter, a CBD-infused nut butter brand that aims to make unwinding and destressing as simple as making breakfast.

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Groovy Butter
  • Value: 17/20
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TOTAL: 96/100

Groovy Butter’s stone-ground almond butter and hazelnut cacao butter are designed to make CBD an easy-to-remember part of your wellness routine. They’re made with pure ingredients and broad spectrum, hemp-derived CBD, which can potentially help you destress and unwind, and in turn lead to better focus and enhanced creativity. Hemp-derived CBD can also potentially relieve feelings of physical pain, anxiety and negativity. Each serving of Groovy Butter has 15mg of organic hemp CBD. If you’re new to CBD, you may want to start slow, but personally, we’ve eaten more than a single tablespoon in one sitting without any negative effects. (And in case you’re wondering, no, it can’t get you high like marijuana, since it doesn’t contain THC.)

If you’re skeptical of CBD-infused products and their effectiveness, we don’t blame you. There are certainly some duds on the market. But raw, stone-ground nut butter is actually an ideal vehicle for consuming hemp-derived CBD. The nuts’ natural fat content and the low-temperature infusion process used to stone-grind them aids the infusion process tremendously. (The stone grinding also helps keep the oil in the butter from separating and makes the product extra smooth and decadent.)

CBD is meant to be taken routinely because regular consumption is the key to results—the more your body and endocannabinoid system (aka a complex cell-signaling system in our bodies that regulates everything from sleep to mood to appetite) interact with CBD, the more receptive to it they become. If consistency is key, we’d much rather take our daily dose in the form of almond butter toast or hazelnut cacao-dipped berries than a tincture or supplement. (After all, it’s way easier to forget to take a pill than it is to forget eating breakfast or dessert, CBD-infused or not.)

Groovy Butter

Groovy Butter is made with plant-based, organic ingredients that hail from sustainable farms. We’re talking low water usage Supernova almonds (meaning they’re grown via irrigation to minimize the amount of water used), Italian hazelnuts, raw Peruvian cacao nibs, coconut sugar from a regenerative palm farm in Bali and CBD from an organic Colorado hemp farm that uses biodynamic, clean extraction methods that are easier on the planet. The nut butters are also naturally gluten- and dairy-free.

There are endless ways to enjoy both flavors. Our favorite ways to use the almond butter—which is nutty, smooth and earthy with just the right amount of salt—are on toast, in a smoothie or with crudités, like celery or carrots. The hazelnut cacao butter—which blew us away with its chocolatey, toasty, buttery flavor—is best with pretzels, fresh berries or ice cream. (Or um, inhaled straight from the jar.)

At room temperature, both butters are silky-smooth and drizzle-able, but you can also refrigerate them to extend their shelf life (as if you won’t be licking the jars clean in a matter of days…). The hazelnut cacao variety in particular transforms into a thick, creamy spread after about six hours of chilling.

Both flavors are available for purchase on Groovy Butter’s site; they ship to most states, except Idaho, Nebraska and South Dakota, due to local laws. You can try a single jar of either flavor for $22 a pop or save a few bucks by opting for the $40 duo pack instead. While they’re on the pricy side at about $1.38 per serving, it’s really not too far a leap if you already buy organic nut butter on the reg. And this way, you get the added bonus of a CBD routine that you’ll actually remember and want to keep up with.

Whichever you choose, have plenty of dippers at the ready—you’ll be needing them.

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