7 Geode Desserts That Will Rock Your Sweets Table

Geode wedding cakes are trending, which naturally has us wanting rock candy for every celebration, from birthdays to…this Friday. While crystal-inspired desserts might look otherworldly, these recipes are easier to crack than you’d think. Let your inner geologist and baker meet as you dig into these seven geode desserts.

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vanilla geode cake recipe
The Cupcake Chronicles

Vanilla Geode Cake

Decorating is the best part.

Get the recipe

Agate Cookies

Just as pretty as the real thing.

Geode Cake Pops

The time investment is 100 percent worth it.

Rose-flavored Rock Candy

Millennial pink is here to stay.

Diy Geode Cupcakes

Here’s a fun way to protect your hostess-with-the-mostest status.

Easy Geode Cookies

No pro baking skills required.

Geode Cookies

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