15 Sweet and Savory Galette Recipes to Bake All Summer

Meet pie’s low-maintenance cousin. A galette has the same flaky crust and tasty filling, but its free-form shape makes it about a million times easier to bake. Plus, you can fill it with anything, from zucchini and tomatoes to nectarines and raspberries. Presenting 15 of our summer favorites.

18 Summer Desserts That Don’t Require an Oven

Vegan Spelt Plum Galette

Your new favorite vegan dessert (thanks, Gena Hamshaw).

Blueberry Almond Streusel Galette

Thanks, Maria Lichty—we’re totally having this for breakfast.

Lemon Thyme Peach Galette

Ready in less than an hour. (How is that possible?)

Maine Cook

Nectarine And Raspberry Galette

Hello, gorgeous.

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