‘Froggy Bread’ Is the Latest Baking Trend (but What the Heck Is It?)

Now that everyone is a baking enthusiast, we can hardly keep up with the viral treat du jour. Yesterday it was pancake cereal, but apparently now it’s something called froggy bread, which is a lot less mystifying than it sounds.

You see, froggy bread is just bread…shaped like a frog. It’s not a special flavor, it’s just any bread that looks amphibious and it’s so popular that #froggybread currently has 2.1 million views on TikTok. Vice speculates that the trend took off due to the popularity of frog memes (yes, there’s a whole section of the internet dedicated to frog memes), but we have a feeling people are just bored. Behold:

Since shaping dough into a simple loaf and shaping dough into a four-legged creature are light years apart, everyone’s froggy bread turns out a little different, and that’s kind of the best part. After all, this is about curing boredom and, as Twitter user @tikatikacosplay put it, serotonin.

The OG Frog Bread recipe seems to stem from a 15-year-old post on the bread website The Fresh Loaf, and true, we have fond memories of our grandmas shaping bread into slightly terrifying bunnies. What’s old is new again, right? Luckily, the recipe seems fairly simple as long as you have flour and yeast. Even if your frog comes out of the oven with a devilish look in his eye…

Happy baking, y’all.


Senior Food Editor

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