15 Foods You Might Be Pronouncing Wrong

When in doubt, don't say the last letter

Not that it really matters, but absolutely butchering the name of a fancy dish at a fancy restaurant (or any dish at any restaurant, for that matter) is kind of embarrassing. To avoid a cringe-worthy dinner moment, memorize these 15 hard to pronounce foods.

Food: Poke

The wrong way: poke
The right way: po-kay
Just remember, it rhymes with OK.


Food: Gyro

The wrong way: jy-row
The right way: yee-row
Just remember, it rhymes with hero, which is what you’ll be if you master making these sammies.

Food: Confit

The wrong way: con-feet
The right way: con-fee
Pretend you’re snobby and French and you’ll be just fine.


Food: Edamame

The wrong way: eh-duh-mame
The right way: eh-duh-mah-may
Edamame we have some more?


Food: Escargot

The wrong way: es-car-got
The right way: es-car-goh
Forget about the ‘t’ like you forget that you’re eating actual snails.


Food: Lychee

The wrong way: lie-chee
The right way: lee-chee
But after a few martinis, who really cares?


Food: Meringue

The wrong way: meh-ring-gay
The right way: muh-rang
It’s whipped egg whites, not a dance.


Food: Turmeric

The wrong way: too-mer-ick
The right way: ter-mer-ick
‘R’ you serious?

Food: Nicoise

The wrong way: ni-swah
The right way: nee-swahz
Remember what we said about pretending to be French?

Food: Gnocchi

The wrong way: knock-key
The right way: nyoh-key
Low-key obsessed with gnocchi. And silent “g’s”.


Food: Pho

The wrong way: faux
The right way: fuh
What the pho? .

Food: Mascarpone

The wrong way: mars-capone
The right way: mas-car-po-nay
Takes longer to say, but it’s worth it.

Food: Endive

The wrong way: n-dive
The right way: on-deev
Sounds pretentious, tastes delicious. 


Food: Beignet

The wrong way: beyg-net
The right way: ben-yay
Ben-yay, as in yay, these things are incredible.


Food: Espresso

The wrong way: ex-press-oh
The right way: es-press-oh
There is no ‘x’. Please don’t say it as if there were.