5 Busy Women Share Their Favorite Quick Dinners

After a long day that started with rushing the kiddos out the door at dawn, dinner is the last thing you need to worry about. But as tempting as it sounds, you can’t live on takeout alone. So we consulted five busy food bloggers (and members of PureWow’s Coterie) who are just like you. Here are their quick dinner go-tos.

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15 minute trader joe s skillet recipe
Plays Well with Butter

15-minute Trader Joe’s Skillet

“This is my ‘what the heck is for dinner’ dish because it's made of things I always have in my fridge: quinoa, shredded kale and chicken sausage from Trader Joe's. Toss it all in a pan together with some of your favorite marinara sauce and cheese and it's the easiest weeknight dinner.”

- Jesse Reilly, founder of Plays Well with Butter

braised lentils on toast recipe
The Full Helping

Braised Lentils On Toast

“I'm a huge fan of dinner toast (which is what I call toast that's been jazzed up or made a little fancy for an evening meal). These red wine-braised lentils taste sophisticated, but when I scoop them over a hunk of crusty bread, they make for a rustic, homey and comforting evening meal.”

- Gena Hamshaw, founder of The Full Helping

whole30 chicken fajitas recipe
The Clean Eating Couple

Whole30 Chicken Fajitas

“These fajitas are made with only a few ingredients and simple spices that you probably already have in your cabinet. They're light, fresh and so yummy.”

- Elizabeth Falcigno, founder of The Clean Eating Couple

protein salad bowl recipe
Whole Healthy Glow

Protein Salad Bowl

“You can add any leftover vegetables you have in your fridge to this recipe to cut down on cooking time. I like to use leftover roast potatoes and then quickly cook up the other veggies.”

- Dorit Jaffe, founder of Whole Healthy Glow

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chicken with arugula and mustard pan sauce recipe
The Mom 100

Chicken With Arugula And Mustard Pan Sauce

“Knowing how to make a quick pan sauce means that a package of boneless, skinless chicken breasts never will feel boring or on-repeat again. Same for steak, pork chops and fish. You can use whatever you have on hand.”

- Katie Workman, founder of The Mom 100

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Food Editor

From 2017 to 2019 Heath Goldman held the role of Food Editor covering food, booze and some recipe development, too. Tough job, eh?