13 Fig and Burrata Appetizers That Are Easy and Elegant

Guys, we’ve finally got this summer entertaining thing down. Our secret weapon? Fig and burrata appetizers. Cool, creamy burrata cheese pairs downright gloriously with sweet, ripe figs. Trust us: You need to try one of these 13 seasonal recipes. Each one is as easy to assemble as it is crowd-pleasing.

The 15 Most Mouthwatering Ways To Eat Burrata

Grilled Crostini With Burrata, Figs And Prosciutto

Behold, the world’s most delightful finger food.

Fig, Prosciutto And Burrata Cheese Salad

Everything in life should be served on a bed of prosciutto.

Nectarine Fig Burrata Bruschetta

A sweet treat with jussst enough savory.

Fig & Burrata Galette With Kale Walnut Pesto

Whole-wheat crust = (almost) guilt-free noshing.

fig burrata and orange blossom honey crostini
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Fig, Burrata And Orange Blossom Honey Crostini

It’s the honey drizzle that makes all the difference.

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Fig And Arugula Salad With Pistachio Pesto

Sometimes it’s OK for the starter salad to trump the main course.

figs burrata recipe1
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Figs & Burrata

That’s all, folks: Slice ’em up, drizzle with vinegar, sprinkle with thyme and call it a day.

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Quick Burrata And Figs Appetizer

Or just toss them in lemon juice and drizzle with balsamic glaze.

burrata and figs with truffle honey

Burrata And Figs With Truffle Honey

OK, we’re sorry, but did someone say truffle honey?

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Fresh Fig, Prosciutto And Burrata Pizza With Truffle Honey

And OK, sorry again, but did someone say truffle honey pizza?

Honey Roasted Fig And Burrata Crostini

Top these babies with a sprig of arugula for a peppery finish.

Figs And Strawberries With Burrata On Baguette

The more ripe summer fruit, the merrier.

Warm Fig Salad With Burrata And Roasted Potatoes

Because this recipe may be the most beautiful phrase in the English language.


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