Is This Viral Electric Griddle Really Worth the Hype? Here’s Our Honest Review

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If you’re anything like me, then you’ve likely daydreamed about a gorgeous, extra-long griddle that can cook dozens of eggs and pancakes at once. To make breakfast or brunch for a crowd without completely losing my mind? Sign me up.

So, when I saw the 35-inch Amazon Electric Nonstick Extra Larger Griddle Grill ($76) all over my TikTok feed, I had to see if it was really a (day)dream come true. On this episode of Take My Money, Chef Kate enters the kitchen to try out the viral product IRL. In an attempt to make a tasty breakfast dish, the PureWow content creator tests just how many eggs and pancakes the griddle can really fit.

So does the viral kitchen gadget really live up to the hype? Watch the video below to see her honest review. 

Kate starts off the video by spraying the griddle with a nonstick cooking spray. Then, she opens a carton of eggs and tries to see how many she can fit on the extra-large grill. Care to take a guess? Much to her surprise, Kate was able to fit a whopping 24 eggs (yes, you read that right) on the griddle. 

When it was time to flip the eggs over to the other side, Kate noticed something pretty unique about the viral griddle. “[One thing] I’m amazed by [is that] we used the pan spray, but sometimes, even using pan spray doesn’t fully make the coating easy to flip things on. But [the eggs] are flipping so easily,” she explains in the vid. 

Kate continues, “Whatever the griddle coating is, it’s pretty good. [I also noticed] that [the eggs] on the edge of the grill don’t cook as quickly, but everything else is cooking pretty evenly and consistently.”

But the real question is: How did the pancakes cook on the nonstick griddle? Click the full episode above to find out if the 35-inch Amazon Electric Nonstick Extra Larger Griddle Grill lived up to the hype. Keep scrolling to learn more deets about the viral product. 

Griddle Amazon CAT

35-Inch Electric Nonstick Extra Larger Griddle Grill

  • Features two handles on both sides to make it easy to move
  • Has a maximum temperature of 426°F
  • Includes a heat-resistant removable drip tray

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