How to Make a Salad Dressing with Whatever You Have on Hand

Whip it up, baby

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The table is set, the candles are lit and your dinner and a side salad are ready to serve. There’s just one little issue: You kinda forgot to buy salad dressing. Don’t worry, you can whip one up before your kids put down their iPhones and head downstairs. All you need are three ingredients…

Two parts oil: Olive oil is our go-to, but if you’re in a bind, you can use any kind of nut or fruit oil (think canola, vegetable or grapeseed). You could even venture out on a limb and try tahini (yum). This is the base of your dressing.

One part acid: This gives your dressing some tang. Usually it comes from vinegar (like balsamic, white wine or red wine) but it could also be lemon or orange juice.

Something to bring it all together: Aka the emulsifier. We love mustard (from Dijon to yellow or anything in between). But you can also use mayo, yogurt, egg (if you’re feeling wild) or honey (if you want something sweeter). You could even try a combo of a few different things.

Season with salt and pepper, and now we whisk. The key is to taste as you go. A little too runny? Add more emulsifier. Too tart? Squeeze in some honey. And if you wind up loving one of your creations, just be sure to write down your one-of-a-kind recipe, chef.

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