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Chrissy Teigen made cheesy chicken Milanese, and then we made cheesy chicken Milanese nonstop for a week. When Chrissy speaks about her diet, we listen (if only to come a fraction closer to achieving her gorgeous, glowing completion).

That’s why our ears perked up when she recently tweeted about one of her favorite snacks. And, even better, it’s keto-friendly. The model and Twitter queen posted a pic of Habanero Pepper Pork Clouds with the caption: “Wowowowowwow are you ready for another snack alert.”

To set the record straight, Teigen is by no means keto, but the fried pork rinds snack just so happens to have zero whole grams of carbohydrates per serving.

What’s more, she elaborated on her dip of choice. “Here’s where you all tell me how gross I am because you’ve never tried it: I dip them into Thai spicy shrimp paste (nam prik) it is a delight.”

Right on cue, her followers erupted with other genius dip ideas. One suggested she drag them through some pimiento cheese, and Chrissy replied, “woah. will do so asap.”

To see for ourselves, we ordered an assortment of Pork Clouds (available on Amazon Prime). The sampler included cinnamon Ceylon, rosemary and sea salt, Malabar black pepper and Chrissy’s fave, habanero pepper. All were light as air, crunchy as heck and minimally greasy. But Chrissy was right: The habanero pepper flavor had an extra addictive quality that made us want to inhale the entire bag.

We’re still hunting for some spicy shrimp paste, but in the meantime, we have a question for you, Chrissy: Does John raid your stash when you’re not looking? 

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